Meeting Invitation: Green Buffet on NCCU campus

Invitation from NCCU Goes Green – Vegetarian Buffet on Campus

Green Buffet on NCCU campus – when will it happen?
政大蔬食自助餐 何時兌現?
Meeting for all NCCU students – please come and join us in a discussion!

Dear NCCU students,

We are all waiting for the Green Buffet on NCCU campus. As I have informed you before, the contractor told us previously that the vegetarian buffet (as well as the section with non-vegetarian food) is planned to be opened on November 10th, 2014. So, we are closer to this goal than ever before. However, I have been informed that the contractor has recently encountered difficulties in finding a food vendor for both sections. This will result in the whole project being delayed.

When we will be able to enjoy vegetarian food on our campus? I hope to find it out at the meeting that will be held tomorrow in Administration Building. Please come and join us. We will have a chance to find out what are the problems all about in detail. We will have a chance to discuss the situation with the contractor and professor 蔡育新 (head of General Affairs Office). I really hope and believe that together we will be able to solve this problem. Feel free to bring your friends. The more people can show up, the better – we need to show our interest and motivate the contractor to act with determination. In fact, we will be future customers in the buffet. So, please come.
我們到底能在什麼時候,才能享受校園的素食環境呢? 我希望能在明天的會議得到解答。我們將與承包商和蔡育新總務長直接對談,在此歡迎所有同學的加入。畢竟,大家會是未來的消費者,讓我們一起找出當前問題。

Date: 11/06 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (if you can’t come on time, please join us later, that is okay)
Location: 5th floor of Administration Building, conference room in 總務處事務組 (Zǒngwù chǔ shìwù zǔ; Section of General Affairs)

日期:11/06 星期四
時間:上午10:00~11:30 (如果沒辦法準時到,我們也歡迎中途加入討論的朋友)
地點:行政大樓5樓 總務處事務組會議室


Invitation to NCCU IA General Body Meeting

Dear Fellow Students,

You are all cordially invited to The NCCU IA General Body Meeting in which we will discuss important topics and upcoming events. We are excited to be planning new events and services for the NCCU community and we would really value your input and collaboration!!

This meeting is your chance to share your voice. What can IA do to help make your experience at NCCU better? What ideas do you have for improving life at NCCU? Please join and share your ideas with us!


When: Nov 6th 2014 from 7 to 9pm

Where: Room 271202, on 12F, North Wing of General Building (Twin Tower Building)

Register here

*Space is limited, so please register on the linked form.


NCCU International Association

[Lecture]: Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi and the relevance of their message for today’s world: The need to marry technology with tradition

Can science and technology alone guarantee progress, peace, justice and happiness? Is material prosperity the only true measure of prosperity? Is it also promoting unhealthy competition and even conflict, among nations and communities? How can we make the modern world free of wars and violence, including the violence inflicted on Mother Nature due to environmentally destructive ‘development’? The timeless message of Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi has the right answers to these questions. Sudheendra Kulkarni, author of the book MUSIC OF THE SPINNING WHEEL: Mahatma Gandhi’s Manifesto for the Internet Age, will argue in his talk that a marriage between modern digital-age technologies with the world’s diverse spiritual-cultural traditions can help humanity enter a new stage of harmonious development and evolution.

Date: Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

Time: 2PM-5PM Venue: R360304, 3F, International Building 國際大樓304教室

Speaker: Sudheendra Kulkarni, Chairman of Observer Research Foundation Mumbai

The speech will be delivered in English and open to anyone interested.演講全程以英語進行。

Please feel most welcome to join us! Contact:

Or go to NCCU event sign-up system (How to use the system?):

Hosted by:CIEE Taipei Study Center & 鄭恵中布衣工作室

Helped by:台灣佛教善女人協會 & 台灣東西文化中心學友會

Poster pdf file here

Invitation to first Student Speaker Series (with free dinner!)

Greetings NCCU international students!

The NCCU International Association (IA) is pleased to invite you to attend the first ever Student Speaker Series on October 29th from 6:30-7:30pm in Meeting Room 2 on the 7th Floor of the Administration Building.

The NCCU IA Student Speaker Series aims to showcase the research, work, and interests of some of the fascinating and talented international students on NCCU campus.

We are honored to welcome Piotr Kurczewski (古正浩), who will share
on the topic Why I am much happier as a vegetarian.Speaker Series Poster I Piotr

Piotr Kurczewski is a third-year PhD student with the International Doctoral Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS) at NCCU. He comes from Poland and has been living in Taiwan since 2012.

In June Piotr wrote a petition to the NCCU President asking the school authorities to launch a vegetarian buffet on NCCU campus. The petition has been already signed by over 260 people (about 200 of them being NCCU students).

As a result of this green initiative, the school plans to open the buffet in November 2014. Piotr also started a NCCU Goes Green website promoting green lifestyle on NCCU campus.

NCCU Goes Green project:

After a brief presentation, we will open the floor for Q&A and relaxed discussion, while enjoying an excellent (vegetarian) dinner together.

Come curious and open-minded and enjoy a relaxed evening interacting with your fellow students, Taiwanese and international alike!

Please register online by filling in the Google Sheet at by 10am on October 29 to join us for a free meal.If you have any questions, please email

We look forward to seeing you there!


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