Invitation to OIC Second Orientation

Greetings NCCU International Students!

I sincerely hope you’ve had a wonderful first few weeks on campus, and whether you are new to Taiwan or not, are enjoying this part of your academic journey.

Forthcoming Survey
Many of you attended OIC’s Orientation on September 11th. We are eager to hear your feedback regarding orientation, and will be sending a survey form in the near future.

Invitation to 2nd Orientation
In the meantime, we would like to extend an invitation to a special 2nd Orientation event to take place Thursday, October 2nd from 12:30-3:30PM (7th Floor of the Administration Building, Meeting Room 5). The topic is “Navigating Life in Taiwan and at NCCU.”

We will gather for lunch and discuss Taiwanese culture, academic life in Taiwan, and cross-cultural experience in general. It will be a good chance to meet other international students and develop some strategies for benefiting from your time abroad.

If you are interested, please sign up here.

Office of Cross-Cultural Program Advisor
As a reminder as well, you are welcome to visit my office to chat. I am located on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building (turn left coming from the stairs or elevator) from 2-5pm on Monday or Wednesday, or arrange to meet by appointment (

NCCU International Association Needs You!
We also encourage you to visit the NCCU International Association website ( and Facebook Group (NCCU International Association), and if you wish to get more involved in campus, please join us! This campus needs the energy and support of its wonderful international cohort to make NCCU the most vibrant academic environment it can be.

Once again, I hope this semester is off to a great start, and I look forward an opportunity to meet!

Best regards,

Dale Albanese
NCCU Office of International Cooperation, Cross-Cultural Program Advisor
NCCU Department of Education

2nd orientation 2014 poster

New Policy of NCCU FreeBike


Whenever you see a FreeBike that’s not in use, you can use it.


There’re 2 kinds of FreeBikes

  • FREE USE BIKES: these bikes are used as before–anyone can pick up one and ride
  • 4-WEEK RENTAL BIKES: these bikes are under our rental plan and should not be used by non-registered users

Please be award of which type of Free Bike you’re using and do not use rental bikes unless you have registered for the corresponding term. (See the difference in the picture below)


#How do you rent a FreeBike?

Step1. – The Registration Link:Here (NCCU sign-up system) … See “Tutorial


# The Registration and rental Terms for 2014 Fall semester:


For more detail, check the page of Office of General Affair: Here



Vegetarian Food Maps around NCCU

Good news for friends who keep green diet!

Though there are few vegetarian restaurants around NCCU, for some cultural reasons here, many restaurants provides vegetarian cuisines. You might just be able to find out some vegetarian dishes on their menu. Anyhow, for some others, you can claim your need and they could cook a special one for you. Thus, we make a food map that shows the restaurants which provide the vegetarian food and what they provide.

Western part of NCCU main gate:
Veg. Food Map 1-page-001

Eastern part of NCCU main gate:
Veg. Food Map 2-page-001

To download the maps(.pdf): West  /  East

Using Rules of NCCU GYMs

In order to maintain the quality of gyms, please obey the following rules:

  1. Please put your gym card on the board after entering the gyms and you can start to work out.
  2. Preparing another sport shoes which the bottoms are clean and CHANGE IT HERE. Suitable and appropriate sports clothes are also necessary
  3. Please bring a TOWEL with you, and wipe the sweat on the sports appliances away. Put the sports appliances back to places after finishing using it
  4. Only WATER is permitted here. Foods and drinks are forbidden.
  5. The gym card is PERSONAL, and please to use it in person. If against the rules (bring anyone else into the gyms or lend the card to others), we would cancer your using qualification of the gyms without returning the fee.
  6. If you need to use the shower rooms down stairs after working out, please show your gym card to the pool’s counter and then you can use it.
  7. If you have any problem about the using the gyms, please turn to training students in the gyms or pool’s counter.
  8. If you don’t follow the training staff’s remonstrates or cause threat to the public security, we would chance your using qualification of the gyms.

Opening hours:

  • 06.00 – 21.30 from Monday to Saturday
  • 06.00 – 17.30 for Sunday and national holidays

Travel around Taiwan with TR PASS



Let’s go around Taiwan :D!

1. The validity period of pass usage:
1. Foreign student: every day.
2. Domestic student:
(1)Winter period:15th January ~ 15th March.
(2)Summer period:15th June ~ 15th September.
2. Type and price:
1. 5-day pass: $599.
2. 7-day pass: $799.
3. 10-day pass: $1,098 (Only foreign student permit).
Type/Group Domestic student Foreign student
5-day pass
7-day pass
10-day pass
NOTE:○permit to purchase every day、●permit to purchase on winter/summer vacation、◎Not allow purchase.
3. Train accommodations:
During its period of validity it can be used for an unlimited number of journeys on Chu Kuang Express, Fu Hsing Semi-express or local trains.
4. Points of Sale for the TR-Pass (Student):
Taitung、Yuli、Shoufeng、Zhixue、Ji’an、Hualien、Xincheng、Su’ao、Luodong、Yilan、Jiaoxi、Toucheng、Fulong、Ruifang、Keelung、Badu、Qidu、Xizhi、Nangang Songshan、Taipei、Wanhua、Banqiao、Shulin、Shanjia、Yingge、Taoyuan、Neili、Zhongli、Puxin、Yangmei、Hukou、Xinfeng、Zhubei、Hsinchu、Zhunan、Houlong、Tongxiao、Yuanli、Dajia、Shalu、Miaoli、Sanyi、Houli、Fengyuan、Tanzi、Taichung、Xinwuri、Changhua、Yuanlin、Tianzhong、Ershui、Douliu、Dounan、Dalin、Minxiong、Chiayi、Xinying、Longtian、Shanhua、Xinshi、Yongkang、Tainan、Bao’an、Zhongzhou、Dahu、Luzhu、Gangshan、Nanzi、Xinzuoying、Kaohsiung、Fengshan、Pingtung、Chaozhou、Fangliao.
5. Credentials:
1. Foreign student:
(1) Passport (Must)
(2) International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or The Youth Travel Card (international version, red version) published by YDA, Ministry of Education, Taiwan. (choose one)
The Youth Travel Card (National version) is forbidden.
Foreign student visiting Taiwan from abroad for sight-seeing.
2. Domestic student: (the same as Chinese version)
6. The period of sale:
1. Foreign student: 7 days before a starting date. (Example: A starting date is 7th July, you can purchase the pass during 1st July to 7th July).
2. Domestic student: 3 days before a starting date. (Example: A starting date is 7th July, you can purchase the pass during 5th July to 7th July).
If the passage takes the train with forbid pass, it will be regarded as travelling without a valid ticket and pay the excess fare with penalty.
7. Remark:
The TR-PASS (student version) is not valid for any seats on Tze-Chiang Limited Express (Including “TAROKO” and “PUYUMA” Limited Express), if you must be take Tze-Chiang Limited Express, should purchase other ticket.
8. The conditions of use:
1. During its period of validity it can be used for an unlimited number of journeys on Chu Kuang Express, Fu Hsing Semi-express or local trains. It cannot be used to travel on tourist trains, group e trains, special trains, cruise type trains or other trains designated by TRA. (These train numbers are showed on TRA’s website.) If the pass holder takes any of these trains it will be regarded as travelling without a valid ticket.
2. Seats will not be allocated on Chu Kuang Express, Fu Hsing Semi-express trains.
3. It is void without the name on the cover. The name must be writing on the train pass cover and the same as that of person using it. Please carry your student ID during the journey for inspection by station staff or train masters.
4. The expiry date of the pass cannot be changed. If trains do not run because of force majeure, for example a typhoon, the pass can be choose one of methods as following after verification by station staff or train masters.
(1) The ticket can be extended for one day.
(2) The value of unused period can be refunded.
5. If the record on the train pass cover is altered the pass will be rendered invalid and the ticked taken back.
6. Because there is no restriction on the numbers of journeys or sections, this pass cannot be returned after it is purchased. It also does not qualify for the TRA train delay compensation scheme.
7. This pass will not be replace if it is lost or stolen, so please take good care of it.
8. Don’t lean against the door and stand or sit at entrance.
9. Other matters not mentioned will be dealt with according to TRA regulations. The integral regulations show on the website.(
10. 10. The Traditional Chinese edition of these conditions shall have precedence over translations into other languages, which are made for convenience.
9. The forbidden list of trains with TR-PASS (student version):
Train type Train Number Note
Tourist trains 1、2、51、52 All class is forbidden.
Group trains 71、74、73、72 All class is forbidden.
others 606、655、607、751 Business class is forbidden.
All special trains, cruise type trains are forbidden.
 Source: Taiwan Railways Administration Website

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