Extending Library Hours Announcement



1. Main library & Social Sciences Library will extend library hours to 24:00 for midterm examination from Apr. 7th 2014 to Apr. 17th 2014.

Both libraries open timetable is as follows:

2. The libraries will open additionally from 22:00 to 23:00 or 24:00, but circulation, audio visual and reference services are not available.

3. B1F Reading Room of Main Library will be open only for NCCU staff and students from Apr.7th 2014 to Apr. 18th 2014.

Pilates with the community!



Love Pilates? Want to know the community around NCCU?
Then come and join!
*Date/Time: 1:30PM-2:30PM, Apr 2nd, 2014
*Venue: Affiliated high school of NCCU (Around NCCU)
*Sing up now: http://ppt.cc/vAXi
# No sign-up deadline, but do it ASAP! # NCCUIA-hosting
P.S. The participants should prepare their own mats.
If any question, please email us to “ia.nccu@gmail.com”
Contact: Abner, 0970-708-275


Workshop and networking event From CORNERSTONE


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About Cornerstone:
Cornerstone is a non-profit consulting business dedicated to educated smart money management skills for college students to learn how to further control and secure their personal finances. The group is based in Taipei, Taiwan and consists of students internationally. Our focus is to building online community for both professionals and newcomers alike, to share their financial experience and achieve personal success as a group.

Sign up for more information below:


Children’s Day – English teaching

“Want to know some local kids?”

Venue:WanShin Elementary School
Date&Time: Mar21st, 2014 14:00-15:40
No Experience/Mandarin/Fee/Preparation needed!!
Party with info(optional): Briefly informing what we’re going to do; Also, come to know some others before we go together.
Sign-up link: http://ppt.cc/M31k


Join “Angklung War” on ICE 2014


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Join this “Angklung” WAR! Angklung is made of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame Indonesian traditional musical instruments. Since 18 November 2010, UNESCO designated angklung as a masterpiece of oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity. So let us learn and play ANGKLUNG together!

Sign up now: http://goo.gl/OAQrl6

When Tone Meets Togetherness. Let’s Play and Have Some Fun Together!
Registration Date ( 註冊期限 ): February 17th – March 1st, 2014


Angklung 是由附着在竹帧的两个竹筒的印尼传统乐器。


因此,让我们学习和玩耍ANGKLUNG在一起! 现在就注册!http://goo.gl/OAQrl6

CP:Anisa Larasati ( https://www.facebook.com/Anisa.Larasati.36 )

See further information on poster!


Language Exchange with OBeyO



Dear Friends,

Are you looking for a language exchange partner but don’t know how?
Got loads of Chinese questions and need someone to help ?
Wanna explore the local culture by some interesting language exchange journey?


Go to OBeyO 黑白學 (www.obeyo.com.tw/welcome) now!!!

Here they provide a convenient way for you to find a language learning partner easily!
You can teach your mother tongue to him/her while learning theirs, and it’s also a great way to meet some local friends

This is how it works:
sign up during the registration period and you will get your partner’s info at the end of the registration date.

During each semester, there will be around three rounds of language exchanging.

Each registration session will last for two weeks and you will get your partner’s info on the last day of registration.

Simple steps as followed:

Log in with your facebook or google+
Sign up with the language you want to learn/teach and select your available time, preferred gender, and location.
Submit the form and wait for the notification email sent by OBeyO, with your partner’s contact information attached.
Enjoy it!

The following is the schedule for signing up:

Round 4 : 2/12 — 3/2
Round 5 : 3/17 — 3/30
Round 6 : 4/25 — 5/11

Sign up in 1 minute and explore your language exchange journey :)!


Additional Information for Q & A

Whats the qualification for this event ? any limit on language type?
We encourage and welcome anyone passionately interested in language learning. There is no limit as long as they are people who speak that language and people who need it.

How should I arrange the time?
It will be better if you click all the available time for u to do the language exchange; once you have a partner, then you guys can narrow down the options. Here is a very useful system : http://doodle.com for u and your partner to schedule the time.

Is there any safety concern or what if my exchange partner fails to meet my expectation?
Obeyo will not interfere all the contact after we pair you off. However, we suggest always meet up with your partner in some public areas. When you want to switch a partner, then feel free to email us or leave the msg to our Facebook inbox. We will take care of it ASAP.

Do I get to choose partners between male and female? What about group learning?
Yes, for both issues, you may leave your preference in the selection page.


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