Mandarin And Taiwanese Speech Contest For International Students


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To gain the cultural communication and let the students exhibit their learning achievements.


International students who study mandarin in universities or language center in Taiwan. Participants should group in 2-5 people. Note that if the total amount of signed-up teams over 20, some may be rejected according to the sign-up priority.


Nov. 29th, 2014 13:00 – 17:30


Speech Hall on 5F of BoAi bldg. of National Taiwan Normal University

(Address: No. 129, Section 1, Heping East Rd, Daan District, Taipei City)

#How to sign up:

A team fills a sign-up form and send it before Oct. 31st, 2014

  1. a) By email to:
  2. b) By mail to: 台北松青扶輪社

( Tel:02-2713-9079; Address 1F., No.708, Minzu E. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105)

#Speech topic:

It could be any topic that shows the culture of participants’ country.

Part1: Performance related to the culture of participants’ country. The form is not restricted. There will be microphones for each performance.

Part2: Speech – introducing your performance in part 1 in Mandarin or Taiwanese. This should be mainly fulfilled by the team leader. Anyhow, other team members can be helpers. (Duration: 4mins; 4:30 at most)

#Instruction on the day:

  1. Prepare your passport and your student ID card to register.
  2. Please arrive at the venue before 12:00 to draw lots for the priority.
  3. Those who doesn’t’ t finished register and drawing lots will be regarded as giving up your right of the contest.

#Ranking standard:

  1. Performance 30% – voting of audience (every team can have 2 people joining voting)
  2. Speech 60% (content 50%, diction 35%, manner 15%)
  3. Time controlling: total maximum for a team is 9 mins

*5 mins for performance and 4 mins for speech

*In each part, any additional 30 secs cause 1 point reduction on grade

*In speech part, there will be 2 reminders at 3:30 and 4:00. When it comes to 4:30,

your microphone will be muted. 


  1. For any 2 teams get the same total grade, the consideration priority will be “content,” “diction,” “manner” and then ” performance.”
  2. Participants can’t have their script on hand.


1st place – a certificate and NTD 20,000

2nd place – a certificate and NTD 12,000

3rd place – a certificate and NTD 8,000

Special prize for Taiwanese speech – certificate and NTD 8,000

*The teams who do not get any prize will be paid NTD 1,000 for travel expense.

*The performance will be uploaded to YouTube. The team whose video gets the most numerous views before Jan. 31st, 2015 will get a certificate and NTD 3,000


There will be 5-7 judges in the contest.

P.S. Any detail which is incomplete or inappropriate can be modified before the contest. If so, participants will be informed!

Invitation to OIC Second Orientation

Greetings NCCU International Students!

I sincerely hope you’ve had a wonderful first few weeks on campus, and whether you are new to Taiwan or not, are enjoying this part of your academic journey.

Forthcoming Survey
Many of you attended OIC’s Orientation on September 11th. We are eager to hear your feedback regarding orientation, and will be sending a survey form in the near future.

Invitation to 2nd Orientation
In the meantime, we would like to extend an invitation to a special 2nd Orientation event to take place Thursday, October 2nd from 12:30-3:30PM (7th Floor of the Administration Building, Meeting Room 5). The topic is “Navigating Life in Taiwan and at NCCU.”

We will gather for lunch and discuss Taiwanese culture, academic life in Taiwan, and cross-cultural experience in general. It will be a good chance to meet other international students and develop some strategies for benefiting from your time abroad.

If you are interested, please sign up here.

Office of Cross-Cultural Program Advisor
As a reminder as well, you are welcome to visit my office to chat. I am located on the 3rd Floor of the Administration Building (turn left coming from the stairs or elevator) from 2-5pm on Monday or Wednesday, or arrange to meet by appointment (

NCCU International Association Needs You!
We also encourage you to visit the NCCU International Association website ( and Facebook Group (NCCU International Association), and if you wish to get more involved in campus, please join us! This campus needs the energy and support of its wonderful international cohort to make NCCU the most vibrant academic environment it can be.

Once again, I hope this semester is off to a great start, and I look forward an opportunity to meet!

Best regards,

Dale Albanese
NCCU Office of International Cooperation, Cross-Cultural Program Advisor
NCCU Department of Education

2nd orientation 2014 poster

New Policy of NCCU FreeBike


Whenever you see a FreeBike that’s not in use, you can use it.


There’re 2 kinds of FreeBikes

  • FREE USE BIKES: these bikes are used as before–anyone can pick up one and ride
  • 4-WEEK RENTAL BIKES: these bikes are under our rental plan and should not be used by non-registered users

Please be award of which type of Free Bike you’re using and do not use rental bikes unless you have registered for the corresponding term. (See the difference in the picture below)


#How do you rent a FreeBike?

Step1. – The Registration Link:Here (NCCU sign-up system) … See “Tutorial


# The Registration and rental Terms for 2014 Fall semester:


For more detail, check the page of Office of General Affair: Here



Vegetarian Food Maps around NCCU

Good news for friends who keep green diet!

Though there are few vegetarian restaurants around NCCU, for some cultural reasons here, many restaurants provides vegetarian cuisines. You might just be able to find out some vegetarian dishes on their menu. Anyhow, for some others, you can claim your need and they could cook a special one for you. Thus, we make a food map that shows the restaurants which provide the vegetarian food and what they provide.

Western part of NCCU main gate:
Veg. Food Map 1-page-001

Eastern part of NCCU main gate:
Veg. Food Map 2-page-001

To download the maps(.pdf): West  /  East


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