Welcome to NCCU! For the sake of your health and benefits, a health exam is being conducted in accordance with the “NCCU Rules Governing Student Health exam.” All students need to complete the health exam within 1 month after the new semester begins (before Oct. 14th), and those who fail to do so face punishments such as cancellation of dorm privileges or a record of a warning or a minor offense.

You can choose any of the methods, the most convenient for you:

(1)Take the Health Check-up at school

(2)Take the health check-up at NCCU authorized location such as Ren-ai Hospital(Please see the picture below)

(3)Take the health check-up at any certified public/private hospital

Ren-ai Hospital (仁愛醫院)

There are also a few detail that you might need to be aware of and take into account.

  • Fee: NT$700
  • The cost becomes NT$1,100 if the exam is  done after deadline (before Oct. 14th)
  • Check-in time:Monday ~ Friday:9:00-11:00;13:30-16:00 Sat:9:00-11:00
  • Appointment is not necessary
  • Here is the address of a Hospital close to NCCU, where you can take the exam:No.10, Sec. 4, Ren-ai Rd., Da-an Dist., Taipei City.
  • Near Metro(MRT) Zhongxiao Fuxing Station & Metro(MRT) Daan Station

Check-in it’s on the  1st Floor right at the general exam counter.

If you have additional inquires about the National Health Insurance, here are some FAQsthat can help you to understand better and have general knowledge about the health system in Taiwan.