Discovering Taiwan

 Welcome to Taiwan, the country that some people call the heart of Asia. Taiwan is a small country which is becoming more and more known throughout the world, and if you have a chance to come here you better make sure you discover it and get to enjoy it completely. For starters, I would like to share a couple of places that allow you to experience the real essence of Taiwan and which you cannot leave before seeing.

The first destination is really proximate to our University and allows you to learn about the history of tea in Taiwan. I’m sure that by now you must have heard of or seen the Maokong Gondolas that ascend just in the midst of the mountains that bounder our university. The tickets are cheap, just 50 NTD to get to the last station Maokong, and the activities there are limitless. You can get started by getting to know about the tea culture in Taiwan by visiting the ChangNai Miao Memorial Tea Museum. Or, if you are in the mood for a free cup of Taiwan’s renowned Oolong tea, you can also visit the Tea Promotion Center and enjoy learning about Taiwanese tea while drinking a deliciously aromatic cup of Muzha’s famous Baozhong tea. The fresh air is also a great companion if you decide to walk through the tea plantations or enjoy the striking view of Taipei city from above the mountains.

Your second must-see destination is my personal favorite. It is located in Wulai. Wulai is famous for its riverside hot springs and also its breathtaking waterfall.

You can decide to either stay soaking underneath the warm waters of the springs, or be more adventurous and discover the little piece of paradise that is awaiting you just above this waterfall. If you take the cable cars to the Yun Hsien amusement park above the waterfall you will be delighted with the peacefulness and the true encounter with nature you will experience.

And our third destination is a little town in the middle of the mountains called Jiu Fen. This town used to be a prosperous mining town, however in the present it is a famous touristic destination known for its amazing views to the mountains and the Pacific Ocean coastline, its tea houses, and its night market. And if you have a more adventurous personality you can go hiking to Mount Jilon or Xiaojingua Peak which are close by.


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