Some regulations for dorm residents are very strict. Violation of rules can result in being removed from the dorm immediately. It is not only theory, cases happen every year in NCCU.  Please look at the PDF below. Pay special attention to article 21 and after.

Article 21  “….Students that do not follow the above regulations will be asked to leave by the dorm management or counseling staff, who will then clean out any remaining personal belongings from the room…..”

More information below: NCCU Residence Hall Counseling and Management Policies

To think about

If you are going to stay at the university dorms, keep in mind that they do not offer a mattress to sleep on, only something like a bunk bed. For your first night, You can buy a mattress at dorm or at the store next to the NCCU bookstore (lower campus, Mc Donald entrance), or there is a Groceries shop on B1 of ZihCiang Dorm 9.

If you want something more comfy, you can go to Ikea or Costco and get something more western-like.

Ikea: Located in Asiaworld Plaza on the north-east corner of Dunhua N. Rd. and Nanjing E. Rd. (敦化北路南京東路口). Delivery is also available.

Costco: Located on Neihu MRT, Jiu Zong Road, Sec. 1, No. 168 / 台北市, 內湖區, 舊宗路, 一段, 268. Going East on Minquan East Road, cross the Minquan Bridge and turn right. There is a gas station at this corner. Take the second right and you will see Costco on the right hand side. Telephone: (02) 8791-1030 ext. 2 (English)