International Cuisine


Thai cuisine

Thai Guo Xiao Guan (泰國小館), 219 Tingzhou Rd Sec. 3. (Near National Taiwan University) Tel: +88622367-0739      . This small Thai restaurant is in Gongguan.

Thai Heaven Restaurant (泰平天國), 60 Roosevelt Rd Sec. 2. Tel: +88622392-5969 .  Near Taiwan Normal University (Shi-da) this restaurant serves fire-hot Thai cuisine. Try the Moon Shrimp Cake and Green Papaya Salad.

Thai Star,Fu Xing N. Rd. Alley 231 #2. Tel: (02) 27196527  Shrimp Toast, Beef Stew, Chicken, Papaya Salad are most famous dishes!

Andy Cuisine Restaurant (泰味廚房), Banqiao City, Taipei County. 板橋市華興街58號 Banqiao City, Huaxing Street No. 58 this is the main restaurant but they have other branches at the Xinpu MRT stop and Jiangzicui MRT stop. Food is out of this world. Curries, Bbq’d chicken/pork, salads are good. Spicy though, just ask for “xiao la” if you would like it not as hot. Its located off two MRT stops on the Yongning-Nangang MRT station just minutes from downtown Taipei.

Latin Cuisine

El Gallo – Authentic Mexican Cuisine (recomended by Erendira)

Macho Tacos – Authentic Baja Cuisine

JAKES – Serves all Kind of  Mexican Cuisine Burritos , Tacos ,Flautas and so much more…

705.Sec.6.Chung Shan N. RD, Taipei

Japanese cuisine

Sumi Sushi – American Style Sushi), No. 17, Lane 248, ZhongXiao E. Rd, Sec. 4 (02) 8771 – 9986, Sushi lovers! You *must* try Sumi Sushi! It is a sushi place who specializes on American-style sushi (California rooolllss!) and it is just DELICIOUS! Avocado wonderland! The place is in between MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua and MRT Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall.. (near On Tap, Alleycats, Macho Tacos, Toasteria, a great area!). We recommend calling for reservation, as the place is tiny and doesn’t sit more than 12 people, but they offer take-outs as well. Also, the staff speaks perfect English and they’re kind and friendly.  Sumi Sushi  – American Style Sushi (Maria Coralles Recomended)

Mitsui Japanese Cuisine (三井日本料理), 30 Nong-an St. Tel: +886 2 2594-3394 . The best Japanese cuisine in Taipei.

Mei Guan Yuan (美觀園), 36 Emei St, Tel: +886223310377 . Located in Ximending Pedestrian Area. This restaurant has served authentic Japanese sushi and sashimi since 1946. (Note there’s another restaurant opposite the road from this with exactly the same name – that’s the old location of this restaurant and doesn’t serve as good sushi.)

Shabu Sen(鮮), 63, Minquan East Road, Sec. 1 (Tel:+886225969568). This place serves great Japanese/ Taiwanese style hot pot dishes. It is a family run restaurant. The environment is clean and refreshing. The owner Ms. Chiu hand picks her ingredients daily from the market. My favorite is the kobe beef pot and mushroom pot. The price is very reasonable with well selected ingredients. English menu available.

San Niu Da An Rd, Sec. 1, Alley 169 #3 Tel:(02) 27083959 Fresh sashimi and tempura shrimp. Less expensive than most Japanese restaurants of this quality. Clean, comfortable environment.


Korean P&L B.B.Q Restaurant (P&L 韓式烤肉), 47, Longquan Street. Tel:+886 2 2362-1637. Located near the Taiwan Normal University (Shida) and in Shida Night market, this small place serves traditional Korean barbecue, kimchi hot pot and spicy rice cakes.

Pusan House (釜山館), 10, Lane 13, Pucheng Street (second lane on right off Shi-Da Road when traveling from Heping East Road). Tel:+886 2 8369-3919 . A small, clean korean restaurant in Shida area. Popular with students.

He Jiang  All You Can Eat Korean BBQ for under NT$500. Fu Xing S. Rd Sec. 1 #5 Fl.3 Tel:(02) 2578 3573     ,0933738970


Goa Indian Food (果亞印度料理), 11-3, Lane 250, Alley 18, Nanjing East Road Sec. 5. (Near Living Mall) Tel:+886 2 2742-0056 – Off in a little alley, this restaurant serves authentic Indian food and is run by an Indian-born Chinese.

Calcutta Indian Curry House (加爾各答印度咖哩屋), 126, Kunming Street. (Ximen Ding District) Tel:+886 2 2389-3878 – One of the more popular Indian restaurants, conveniently located in the Ximen Ding district.Tandoor Indian Restaurant (坦都印度餐廳), 10, Lane 73, Hejiang Street. Tel:+886 2 2509-9853.

Out of India (印渡風情), 26, Lane 13, Pucheng Street (second lane on right off Shi-Da Road when traveling from Heping East Road). Tel: +886 2 2363-3054       – food ok, but not great value.

Namaste Curry, 2F. 16, Lane 316, Roosevelt Road sec 3 (near Gongguan MRT Station). Tel: +886 2 2362-9538       –

Carnegie’s, Anhe Road, Section 2, No.100 (near Far Eastern Hotel). Tel: +886 2 2325-4433- While not an Indian restaurant per se, Carnegie’s features many Indian dishes, and they have an excellent “Curry-Out” menu if you feel like bringing a curry or two home with you.

Western Food

Flavors restaurant, Ren Ai Rd. Sec.4 No.13 Alley 26 Lane 300 Tel:  +886 2 2709-6525. Located on a back street of busy Renai rd with a lush garden in front and warm and cozy atmosphere inside. One of the few real western restaurants with a western chef. Flavors serves great grilled steaks including rare meat like venison, amazing selection of appetizers in a casual fine dining way. Flavors have been voted Taipei’s best unexpected find in 2008.

Grandma Nitti’s Kitchen, 8, Lane 93, Shida Road. Tel: +886 2 2369-9751 . Located in the Shida area, this restaurant serves a great selection of dishes such as burgers, sandwiches, pastas, Greek omelets, Tex-Mex fajitas and more. Very popular with American language teachers and students.

JB’s, 148, Shida Road. Tel:+886 2 2364-8222 . A European pub and restaurant in Shida area serving traditional European fare on the first floor. The second floor features the main bar and activity center. Steak pie and fish and chips offered here are some of Taipei’s best.

Forkers, No. 8, Alley 10, Lane 223 Chung Xiao East Rd. Sec. 4. +886 2 2771 9285. Burgers, quesadilla, sandwiches, salads, etc.

KGB Kiwi Gourmet Burgers, Shida Rd, Lane 114, no. 5. Tel +88622363 6015. Come out of Taipower MRT Exit 3. It is opposite the Wellcome supermarket in the lane. Excellent gourmet burgers in a relaxed cafe style setting. There are 11 NZ beef burgers, 10 free range chicken burgers, 3 NZ lamb burgers and 9 vegetarian burgers. Opened by 2 kiwis, everything is made on site to high standards. There are NZ beers, real milkshakes, fruit yoghurt smoothies, Rooibos tea, Savanna & Hunters cider.

PaPaGio’ Italian Restaurant (喬爸爸義大利美食餐廳), 22, Alley 6, Lane 170, Zhongxiao East Rd., Sec 4. Best accessible by MRT since it’s next to Exit 5, Zhongxiao Dunhua Station. Wide selection of authentic Italian food, featuring appetizer, pizza, risotto, meat, seafood courses, and great dessert. Run by Italian chef.

Alleycat’s Pizza, B1, 6-1 Lishui Street (near the intersection of Xinyi Road and Jinshan South Road). Tel:88622321-8949 Generally considered by ex-pats to be the only edible and best traditional Italian pizza in Taipei.

Casa Della Pasta, 7-1, Lane 11, Zhongshan North Road, sec 2. Tel:88622567-8769 Reasonably priced pizzas at good prices. Authentic Italian decor and staff are quite friendly.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House (茹絲葵), 2F, 135 Minsheng East Road, Sec 3. Tel: +88622545-8888, Perhaps Taipei’s best-known and best American steakhouse.

Wang Steak House (王品台塑牛排), 169 Nanjing East Road, Sec 4. Tel:886287707989 An upscale chain steakhouse known for its signature “Wang steak”.

Lawry’s Steak House, B1, 105 SongRen Road. Tel:886 2 2729-8555

Jimmy’s Kitchen, 77 Ren Ai Rd., Sec. 4, B1 Tel:886 2 2711-7750 kobe steak, rib eye, filet mignon, and many other cuts


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