Update Date: May 22nd, 2014

Monthly expenses in NTD (Taiwan New Dollars):

100 NTD = 3,30 USD (Data from 22/05/2014) (Online Currency Converter)

Below we will find information about:

Food, House renting, Transportation and Expense with Entertainments.


If you are on a budget (like most of us), this might be useful. Normally you will spend around 6,000NTD –8,000NTD- every month.

There are many restaurants around NCCU campus. If we compare with USA or Europe, we could say that the food is cheap in Taiwan. The average price for a meal – soup, rice, vegetable, meat or fish and tea- is around 100NTD.

Most of the students do not eat at home. There is not kitchen or refrigerators in the university dorm. If you live in the I- House you will have a small refrigerator in the room and a common area with toaster and microwave. Taiwanese usually eat outside, so there are many options of restaurants and street food.

For more information about food, please check NCCU Food Guide

2. Rent: 6000 – 9000 NTD

Price and type of accommodation inside campus for graduate and undergraduate students (male and female):

Dormitory: The price varies depending on the buildings, the size of the room, and the number of people sharing a room, and may range from 5,500 NTD dollars per semester (six people sharing one room) to one studio costing 18300 NTD dollars per semester. Please check here for details.

Fees may vary for different semesters and departments. Please check the website Office of Academic Affairs and Office of Student Affairs for more information.


NCCU the students can find also many options for renting accommodations, such as room or apartments.

The average price for a room with privacy bathroom is around 5.000NTD, but sometimes one can find good deals in Taipei. Some students have found this kind of rooms for 4000 NTD.

To rent an apartment with 2 bedrooms the price is around 9,000NTD to 10,000NTD but all depend on the area you want to live.

You can find more information here: http://www.tealit.com


I- House, is a three stars hotel like facility. I- house is located at the NCCU neighborhood. Very close to the campus. For more information about prices and accommodation, please check here.

3. Transportation: 1,000 NTD

The public transportation is very good in Taipei and the price is very reasonable. They make discount to the students. The metro (here called MRT) covers almost all the important areas of Taipei City and New Taipei City, and there is plenty of buses that go all around the county. But if one day you are in a rush, don’t worry, taxis are also very cheap.

If you want to go outside of Taipei, you can take a bus, trains and high speed train.

4. Entertainment. 5,000 NTD

It’s difficult to fix a quantity for this section as students have many options to have fun in Taipei. There many activities that you can join but if you are in a tight budget, the best recommendation is going to the night markets where you will find different kind of food, clothes and all kind of objects that will surprise you.

There are also clubs where you can enjoy dancing until late. The prices vary depending of your taste in budget. Normally the entrance is between NTD300 and 800.