Popular Places to Go in Taipei


Places in Taipei


Places around Taipei and Taiwan

We have listed some places you might want to visit, and how you can get there from school:

Gong guan (公舘): It is a shopping area, you can find cheap clothes, shoes and accessories, many people go there so you should take a look. If you want to go there you can take the bus 236 or 530, you should walk to the bus stop that is outside of Hang Ten store, which is right outside campus. That bus will take you directly to Gong guan.

Taipei Zoo (台北動物園): You can either decide to visit the zoo, which is the biggest one in Asia, or you can get to the MRT station, to go there you should walk to the Hi-life store in front of McDonalds, you can take bus G1, 236, B6, B18, 530. You can also ask the bus driver to make sure the bus goes to Taipei zoo.

Taipei 101 /viewshow (台北101/威秀影城): Taipei 101 is a place you must see, is one of the tallest buildings in the world, you can enjoy the view from up, if you want to take the elevator up it will cost you 400 NTD, do make sure that when you go the sky is clear, otherwise you won’t be able to see the view; there are also exclusive stores like Gucci, Prada, Channel and more, so do take a look around, you can do some window shopping if you cannot afford to buy something. Taipei 101 is connected to other shopping malls and buildings, like New York New York, Eslite mall, and different exposition halls. If you feel going for a movie, you can also find Viewshow, it is a nice cinema, the tickets for the movie are 270 NTD with your student ID.

Taipei Main Station (台北車站): If you are going out of Taipei, and you want to take the bus, train or high speed rail you can find them all at Taipei main station. If you want to go there you can either take the Red 236, be careful not to take the green 236 since it only gets to gong guan; or you can also take the 236 to gong guan and from there take the MRT to main station.

Computer Market (光華商場): This market sells all kind of technology appliances, you can even bargain for the things you buy, they sell computers, cameras, printers, mp3s, and all kind of appliances. If you want to go there you should take the MRT in Taipei Zoo station, get of at Zhongxiao Fuxing, and change to the blue line to Nangang, you get off at Zhongxiao Xinsheng, exit 1 or 2.

Longshan Temple (龍山寺): It is one of the eldest temples in Taipei, and you can also find the snake market, which is a very visited attraction. You can take the MRT in Taipei Zoo station, get off at Zhongxiao Fuxing and change to blue line to Yonglin, get of at Longshan temple station.

Qizhang Carrefour (七張家樂福): If you want to buy cheap groceries and some home supplies you can go to the Carrefour by the Qizhang MRT Station. From school you can take bus G1 outside of Hang Ten. You get off at the Taiwan Bank. You have to walk a while to get to the Carrefour. When you get off at Taiwan Bank, you can see the building “World Gym” on the left and Carrefour is in the same building. It is open until 10pm almost everyday.

Night markets

There are six major night markets in Taipei, most within walking distance of an MRT (subway) station.

Snake Alley (華西街觀光夜市)

Taiwanese people disagree as to whether Snake Alley should be billed as a legitimate night market or a bizarre tourist attraction. Here you’ll see snakes milked of venom and blood, and you can order meals prepared with snake blood and meat, and turtle blood and meat too. These “delicacies” are expensive, unlike the common snacks found at most night markets.

Many Taiwanese have a negative view of Snake Alley. The thought of eating snake meat or drinking snake blood disgusts them. Some still associate Snake Alley with prostitutes, although the area has been cleaned up from the years when prostitution was legal. Many food stalls sell regular snacks, and snake handler performances always draw crowds, but you may find your Taiwanese friends not so eager to go there.

Snake Alley is in the Wanhua District. Take the MRT to the Longshan Temple stop (龍山寺站).

Shilin (士林夜市)

Shilin Night Market is the biggest and oldest night market in Taipei. You might feel like part of a train wreck trying to navigate the crowds on weekends.

A maze of stalls in the market’s heart offers delicious seafood dishes, like squid stew and oyster omelets. Remain calm if a stranger hovers over you while you eat, he’s just waiting to take your seat when you’re done.

Shilin Night Market is in Shilin District and accessible from the MRT Jiantan stop (劍潭站).

Shida (師大夜市)

The real action at this night market takes place in several side streets off Shida Road (師大路). Much smaller than Shilin, this night market serves many university students, including foreigners, since it’s located near National Taiwan Normal University. It’s a great place to shop if you’ve recently moved to the area and need small, basic appliances, dishes, writing and postal supplies, and other practical things for your new apartment.

Food vendors sell dou hua (豆花), dumplings (水餃), Taiwanese sausages (香腸), fried chicken (雞排), and noodle dishes (麵). You’ll know the good ones by the line of people waiting. Shida also has a variety of good eat-in restaurants.

Shida Night Market is in Daan District, accessible from the MRT Guting station or Taipower Building station (古亭站-台電大樓).

Gongguan (公舘)

Another night market frequented by students, Gongguan is near National Taiwan University. Similar to Shida in layout, Gongguan has a variety of stores and street vendors. It’s in Chungcheng District, only two MRT stops away from Shida.

Zhongxiao Donghua (忠孝敦化)

The night market is actually a long alley between Donghua and Keelung Roads. Lots and lots of food stalls.

Shopping Centers

Breeze Center

This is a supermall with everything from shopping, dining, entertainment and recreation all under one roof.

The Centre is divided into two areas, one is more teen-fashion, and the other area is the high class fashion. You find all the most famous brand names here, such as Prada, Gucci and Jimmy Choo. For dining you have a lot of options, both restaurants and coffee houses.


39, Fu Hsing South Rd, Sec 1 (復興南路一段39號)
(at the intersection of Civic Boulevard and Fu Hsing South Road)
Tel: 0809-008888; 02-6600-8888
Hours: 11 am-9:30 pm Sun-Wed; 11 am-10 pm Thurs-Sat


FNAC is located in the basement of the Asia World Shopping Centre and in the “Future- Centre”. In FNAC you find everything from the newest high-tech gadgets, cameras, phones, computers, to DVDs and CDs. You also get ticketing services here. The branch at the Future Centre stocks most high- tech products.

B1, 337, NanJing E. Rd., Sec 3 (南京東路三段337號)
(02) 8712-0331
Hours: Mon-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri 11am-11pm, Sat 10:30am-11pm, Sun 11am-10pm

Eslite (Xin Yi store 誠品新義店)

This is a 24-hours bookstore, and it offers a wide range of both English and Chinese books, and also has a lot of audio- visual equipment. The store offers a lot of international books and magazines. The other floors in the building include Design and Living floor, a Children’s bookstore, Eslite Culture floor; with restaurants and speeches, one floor with young and trendy designer items and one offering snacks and exotic foods.

(02) 8789-3388
11, SongGao Road (松高路11號)
Hours:10 am-2 am Bookstore (2F/3F/4F) ;
10 am-10 pm /Shopping Mall (B2/ B1/ 1F/ 5F/ 6F)
Paid parking area available. MRT Shi Zheng Fu station (市城府站)


Miramar is a good place for shopping, watch movies, drinking etc. there is also a large Ferris wheel with a nice scene.

Tel: 0221753456

Location: No. 20, Jing Ye Street 3,  Zhong Shan area,  Taipei City

How to get there:

MRT from Taipei Zoo Station to Jian tan Station(劍潭站).

Sogo Department Store

This mall is located around Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT station (忠孝復興站). It is divided in two sections, one white and one green building. Here you find the big brand names, and also more regular brands. You have a wide selection of make up brands, clothing, accessories and a big dining area.


45 Zhong Xiao East Road, Section 4(忠孝東路,四段45號)

Taipei City 106 Taiwan

+886 2 2776 5555

Open Hours

11am-9.30pm Sun-Fri; 11am-10pm Sat

New York New York

This mall is offering hip teen- age brand names.  You have many floors with everything from clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. There is also a big dining area here. In front of the mall there is a big statue of Liberty in cold, and next to this you find Starbucks and Coldstone Ice-cream.


12 Sung Shou Road (松壽路12號)

Taipei City 110 Taiwan

+886 2 8780 8111

Open Hours

11.30am-9.30pm daily

Taipei 101 Mall

Offers the world’s top brands, and the atmosphere wants to give you a high-end shopping experience. You have one floor with the Singapore based bookstore “Page One”, and also features Taipei’s largest indoor cafe and restaurant area.


No. 45, Shifu Rd., Taipei (市府路45號)

Tel: 886- 2- 8101- 8934

Opening hours: 11:00- 21:30


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