Weather in Taiwan




If we need to talk about the weather, we definitely need to mention that it is quite unpredictable, but to give you an idea of how the weather can be so you prepare the right clothes to bring and you are also aware that even though Taiwan is an island it can get chilly; it is not always comfortable hot, or warm as many think.

So we will divide the weather section in two: so depending on the time of the year you are arriving in Taiwan you can read further:

First School Semester: (From September to January)

If you are coming in the first school semester that means that you will have to face to extreme weathers, since the school semester usually starts mid September, when you just arrive you will find the weather to be very hot and humid, so you will most likely need t-shirts, shorts, and comfortable clothes that will make you feel light, since you will sweat a lot; this hot weather will most probably end by October. During the months of October and November, the weather will most likely be humid, it rains, so you should always carry an umbrella, but the temperature doesn´t decrease too much, it will probably be around 18 to 22 degrees, but what makes this weather annoying is that is constantly raining and very humid. From the end of November to January, the temperature decreases, it could get as cold as 6 degrees, I say this because usually people won´t think the weather in an island can get so cold, and as I mentioned before, it gets very humid, so try to bring some shoes that you feel comfortable walking with and that won´t make your feet wet. It will be constantly raining. Since our campus is in a mountain, literally, you need to know that the weather is colder here than in central Taipei, but still in general, the weather tends to get cold at the end and beginning of the year.

Second School Semester: (From February to June)

If you decide you will get to Taiwan for the second school semester, that means that you will find a nicer weather than in the first semester!!! So good for you! You will still find some chilly weather, it will be about 18 degrees when you get here in February, but after it starts getting warmer, by middle of March the weather will be a lot much comfortable. Spring is the best season of the year when it comes to the weather in Taiwan,  it gets warm and you can enjoy walking near the campus river, or going up the mountain to enjoy the pure air around campus, it is not so hot and not so humid. It always rains a little bit, so remember to carry your umbrella. You don´t need to bring any heavy winter clothe, a light jacket for the first month and after that, summer cloth will perfectly suit.


The weather in Taiwan tends to be hotter in the south, so if you are ever trying to avoid the chill from the north, you can find a more comfortable weather in the south. Taiwan gets hit by a lot of typhoons during June to October, some are serious some are not, sometimes is just very heavy rain, but sometimes the winds get so strong that classes can get canceled and you are advice not to go out; if this is the case, you should always ask to the locals, they will tell you better what to do. But do remember to buy some food and water, if the typhoon is very serious, you will be advice not to go out, so you should have something to eat on your dorm or house.



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