Join us and be part of the NCCU Woman Soccer Team

History of Woman Soccer

20110412175357Soccer had had always been known as a male sport, because it’s demanding physical nature and roughness in contact. But the women in recent years have been working hard to achieve the right to play it in equal standards as the men do.  The first reference of women playing soccer is based on a fresco, dated back to the Han Dynasty, that’s believed to be created around 200 CE, it shows two female figures playing with what looks like a leather ball.

Many years later, in 1881, in England, is registered the first attempt for the ladies to organize a football league, having a few matches against Scotland team. It drew the attention of a few viewers but not enough to set the first brick on the organization.

Therefore the improvement was important, and in England during the industrial years, most of the fabrics had their own female soccer teams. But this stopped after the First World War, when the FA (English Football Association) decided to ban their right to play. In a response to the prohibition, was created the English Ladies Football Association, and finally in 1863, the English Football Association decided to standardized a set of rules that allowed the women to play.

Later on, after much efforts  throughout the years in 1895, the British Ladies Football Club was founded, by the work of Miss Nettie Honeyball, the founder; she stated that this was a proof that the women were able to have an important place in the society. With this Nettie Honeyball started the first women’s soccer club of the history and in sports as well.

In the latest century, women’s soccer has had a noticeable improvement, getting most of the teams to professionalize, and gather an audience up to 90,185 persons, in 1999 Women’s Soccer World Cup, at Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif. Where the US National Team defeated China in a final result of 4-0.

In recent years, the female soccer teams are well positioned around the world now held the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the UEFA Women’s Championship, among other. It’s worth mentioning the historic players through women’s soccer history, like Mia Hamm and Marta Vieria da Silva, who also had a significant part in the development of the sport overall.

Now, what can we experience about this heritage here in NCCU?

NCCU only has an official male soccer team, but not a female one, and we believe that there’s so many talented female players inside the school that doesn’t have chance to play and show their skills. That’s why we invite you to join to the First Girls Soccer Club of NCCU, it’s the perfect chance to show your abilities and also meet some new friends. There’s nothing required to join, just your sneakers and your will to play, so what are you waiting for? For further information about games, meetings, the integrands of the club and more, check our Facebook group: First Girls Soccer Team in NCCU or Send an email to NCCU IA: 


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