There’s just something sexy and exciting about the city at night, as the sun sinks and the sky darkens, emphasizing the brilliance of 101’s glittering lights. As the lines form behind red velvet ropes and black-suited men walk to take their posts at the shimmering doors of luxurious lounges, the message is clear: night has come to Taipei, the city is now our playground. And what a marvelous playground it is.

Pound for pound, Taipei’s as good as anything you’ll find in Asia. It’s got better service than Beijing or Shanghai. It’s more fun than Singapore and less uptight than Hong Kong. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper than all of them.

Here are our recommendations for the top locations to drink and dance the night away. Though all fabulously decorated and crammed full of beautiful people, each has its own unique qualities that keep the lines snaking outside their doors, whether at the base of 101 or at the top floor of ATT4FUN. In addition, all the clubs offer Ladies’ Nights on Wednesday, when the sexy women of Taipei come out to party at all the clubs listed below- -absolutely free. (Note: For the most updated information on cover charges, opening hours & special events, please call in advance or check each club’s  Facebook Page or website.)

So slip on your club clothes (make sure you stay away from shorts and sandals as a general rule, as many clubs enforce a strict dress code), and try these hotspots out one by one. Or try them all in one night if you dare. But you didn’t hear that recommendation from us.

1. Club Myst

When Myst opened last year at the top floor of the newly renovated ATT4FUN complex, every other club scrambled to renovate. After all, it’s hard to compete with the city’s biggest dance floor, a stunning view of 101, and Vegas-style flourishes like a giant, glittering waterfall. Since its opening, Myst has effortlessly snagged the top spot as the hottest place to go for a night out in Taipei, as shown by the long queues outside and table service that often sells out more than a week beforehand. After dancing, head out onto the balcony for a breather and take in an incomprable night view of the city. Myst is definitely not to be “missed,” as it truly is the “must-see” club in Taipei.

Address: 9F No. 12 SongShou Rd, Taipei
Phone: 0911 439 997
Hours: Wed: 10pm-4:30am/Fri & Sat: 9pm-4:30am
Entrance Fee: 700NTD  (2 drinks)

Tip: If you’re aching to see that waterfall at Myst but don’t have the inclination
to fork out 700NTD for entrance, head over after 3am, when club admission
magically becomes free.

Facebook Page


It would be impossible to discuss a night out in the city without mentioning Omni, for the name has become synonyous with Taipei nightlife. Though secure in its position as the city’s oldest and most famous club in operation, Omni isn’t simply content to rest on its laurels and coast on the fame of its name. Rather, the club constantly amazes with its ability to bring in world-class performers.

Address: 5F No. 201  Section 4, Zhongxiao E. Rd, Taipei
Phone:+886 983 803 388
Hours: Wed: 10pm-4:30am/Fri & Sat: 10pm-4:30am
Entrance Fee: 300NTD  before 11pm, 600 NTD after (2 drinks)

Tip: Save some money by stamping into the club early: before 11pm, admission is 300NTD instead of the usual 600NTD. Get stamped, then go spend all that money you saved on drinks while you wait for the party to start.

Omni Facebook Page

3. Room18 & Babe 18

After closing for several months this past year for a full renovation, Room18 re-opened this spring, eager to please and re-insert itself into Taipei’s nightlife scene. It’s obvious that the renovations were not in vain. But Room18 has also recognized that dazzling wall panels and spacious table space aren’t the only components to an amazing night out. With recent partnerships with internationally recognized party-makers like Space Ibiza and a slew of fun summer events on its roster,  Room18 is well on its way on regaining its throne as the place to be for a night out in Taipei.

Babe18, the younger sibling to Room18 in the 18 Entertainment group, is a party-wonderland specially designed for a younger crowd. With creative parties, energetic hip-hop music and a reasonable cover, Babe18 has established itself as the hotspot for Taipei’s young party-goers.

: B1 No.88, SongRen Rd, Taipei
Phone: (02) 2345 2778
Hours: Wed: 10:30pm-6am/Fri & Sat: 10:30pm-6am
Entrance Fee: 1000  NTD (3 drinks)

Tip: Room18 often has some amazing deals & discounts, check their Facebook page before you head out. For example: during July and August, all foreign passport holders will receive free entry on Wed, Fri & Sat before 1am.

Room18 Website
Facebook page 

: B1 No. 18 Songshou Rd, Taipei
Phone: 0930785018
Hours: Wed-Sun: 10pm-4am
Entrance Fee: Fri/Sat: 400 NT (ladies), 700 NT (men): Wed, Thurs, & Sun prices are the cheapest with a student ID.

Tip: If you happen to have an insatiable urge to party on a Sunday, we hear that Babe18’s Sunday-night parties (all-you-can-drink, anyone?) are surprisingly fun. And ladies: get to Babe18 before midnight on Thursdays & Sundays for free entrance.

Babe18 Facebook Page

4. M Taipei

Taipei’s home of the Latino ambience in Taiwan. M brings every Friday its all you can drink nights packed with reggeaton, salsa, reggea, dancehall, hip-hop and EDM.


Phone:0936 252 044
Hours: Fri-Sat: 11pm – 5:30am
Entrance Fee: 700

Tip: Try to get on the list of any of the PR’s for a discount price.