NCCU Food Guide

From students by students, this guide presents information about 35 restaurants near and far from NCCU that were recommended by NCCU students based on their experiences. The guide includes the name of the restaurant, telephone number, address, direction from NCCU, price range and more. The guide also includes some extra information about hair salons, hospitals, and more.


The restaurants are divided in two locations inside the campus.

Lower campus

  • Poco a Poco, second floor inside the Administration Building
  • Food Court: on the side of the Main Library (Be sure to go to the second floor of the Food Court)
  • Cafe, in front of Social Sciences Library, General Building
  • 7/11 on College of Commerce Building

Higher Campus

  • Igor Café: Located in Dorm 10
  • Hi-Life Convenience Store in Dorm 10
  • Food court in Dorm 9


[ For an even better experience, be sure to utilize apps such as Foursquare and Yelp, which can suggest many other restaurants. ]

Restaurants and bars outside campus (mainly on Zhi Nan Road, Section 2) serve Asian food. There are also some restaurants that offer western food, which basically consists of pasta, steak with side dishes and salad.

One thing to have in mind is that dinner time in Taiwan is usually around 17:00 to 19:00, which means that most restaurants do not remain open until very late at night. There are also two 7/11 and one Hi-Life convenience stores which can prove quite handy when one needs a bite after restaurants have closed.

Around NCCU you have a lot of food options, everything from fast food, snacks, international food and of course, the regular 7/11 food.

You can find the American chains; Mc Donalds, Starbucks and Subway around campus. The prices of the dishes in Mc Donalds’ differ between 105 and 130 NT. You can get ice cream for between 15-30 NT, and breakfast menu is for around 50 NT. At Subway, the prices are between 100-200 NT. You also have the “Sub- of- the- day” for between 80-150 NT with drink included. At Starbucks you have all their traditional coffees and some food dishes. The prices here vary from 50- 200 NT.

For snack places you find many stands around selling fried food, Chinese snack and fried chicken. “Come buy” sells different tea types. Prices here differ from 25-40 NT. At “Meet Fresh” you can get cold desserts. These are dishes with jelly, ice cream, tofu, etc. The Taiwanese bakery is also around campus, and it is called Bakery Boss. The prices here are from 20-70 NT. Most of the bread is filled with different ingredients. On the street outside campus you also have yet another 7/11 store and a Hi-Life store. Here you get food, drinks, refill for your phone and ATM services.

Some warm dish restaurant include “BoboChacha”, which offers you Malaysian food. the prices here are from 60-100 NT, and you get your food fast. Another place right by BoboChacha is a Thai place. The name of the place is written in Thai. It has Thai dishes and a lot of dishes of fried rice. The price is from 50- 80 NT. Another place has Korean and Italian food. It’s called “The World Specialty Food”, and has the Korean and Italian flag on the entrance. As the name says, you get Italian and Korean dishes here.  They also have a salad bar and some fruits. You can get all-you- can- eat from this buffet and including one dish from 150 NT. Another restaurant is a small pot place. The name of this restaurant is in Chinese, but you recognize the place from its orange sign with a picture of a hot pot. The small pots have beef, pork or chicken, and you can also choose from a wide variety of soups here. The prices range from around 70-120 NT.

There are a couple of buffet places as well. One place right outside campus, offers vegetables and meat. Take what you want, and when you pay you can choose to have rice with it. Another buffet has only vegetarian dishes to choose from.

“Green Vegetarian House” is another vegetarian restaurant. Prices here are from 90NT. “1960” is another restaurant offering Thai dishes, and also some Vietnamese dishes. The prices here are around 100 NT.

We also have an Italian inspired place called “Pomodoro”. They have pizza, pasta, sandwiches and salads. The price here is around 160-300 NT. They also serve Illy coffee, wine bottles and cold drinks.

Some of the restaurants around campus doesn’t provide menu, however we have come up with a brief description of their menu and prices.

1. 可麗餅 Crepe

You can find here a delicious food with tuna, eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, corn it is a kind of sandwich the prices are between 30 – 85 NT

2. 四五大街Highly Recommended

It is a wonderful place to eat Chinese Cuisine, in here you can find:

Noodles  NT$65-75, Wonton NT$ 65-75, Rice with Noodles  NT$70-80, Rice Dishes  NT$65-75, Fried Rice  NT$65-75, Soups  NT$20-60 NT, Vegetarians Dishes  NT$50-75. The tea is free and it is good.

3. 敏忠小吃店 – Highly Recommended

This is a place to find refreshments, It is a tea shop, the prices are between 25-40

5. Fruits store before Daonan Bridge:

It is very cheap, the prices:

Apple: 20

Orange: 4

Banana: 53(9units)

Mellow: 12

Well in general the fruit is very cheap.

6. Burgers

   -Mcdonalds. The prices of the dishes: Between 105 and 130 NT.

Ice Cream: 15-30

Breakfast: 49 NT

11:00 to 2:00 pm. Soda, Hamburger and fried potatoes for 79 NT

   –Mos Burger. The prices of the dishes: Between 140 and 200 NT.

7. King Tea, tea store

Milk Tea, the prices are: 25-60 NT

8. Coffee

– Starbucks. The prices are: 50-200 Nt.

– Louisa Coffee Good coffee and offer student discount. [ Around the corner from Starbucks]

9. Apt. Cafe, second floor of the building in front of 7/11 Main Gate

Waffle with ice cream and fresh strawberry, salads and sandwiches. Prices are around 130 – 250 NTD. They also serve a variety of cold and hot tea, coffee and more..

10.  Delos Pasta – Highly Recommended

Italian restaurant that offers free black tea and corn soup. The ambience is nice. They serve pasta dishes and quesadillas. The prices are around 90-160 NTD.

11. Next Door – Highly Recommended

The latest contender on the list of restaurants around NCCU, located on the second floor of the school cafeteria, the restaurant offers western dishes for a great price. A must when you miss food from back home!


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