Hottest Destination for the Summer: Fulong Beach!

Whenever the weather finally decides to cooperate, Fulong Beach is a fun place to go enjoy a warm summer day. Fulong Beach is the most famous beach in Northern Taiwan that is only a short train ride away from Taipei.

The Fulong beach is located  in northern Taiwan, it is also one of the best and easiest to get to. Fulong has a long sandy beach and clear waters suitable for sailing, windsurfing, surfing and other sports. In recent years the town of Fulong has seen some aesthetic improvements (some buildings have actually had a fresh coat of paint applied), and the beach area is getting new wooden boardwalks, pavilions, treed parks and open-air restaurants. All in all, the town is starting to shape up into a community that’s on a par with its natural resources.

Note that there are two parts to the beach, divided by the Shuangshi River. The left beach, behind the visitor centre, is the pay area. If you head right and go through the YMCA grounds and continue towards a large temple on the end of a peninsula, you’ll get to the free beach, which is a great place to swim or surf and is reasonably clean in summer.

Transport Links

Fulong Beach is accessible as follows:


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