Glass-Sky Walk in Zhangjiajie, Hunan

ZhejiangjieHave you ever walk in the 4700 ft high Glass Sky Walk? Jutting out from a sheer cliff 1,430 meters or around 4,700 ft high, the glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park offers sightseers terrifying thrills and clear view of the mountains below as they tread nervously across the 60 meter long bridge encircling the vertical cliffs of Tianmen Mountain in Hunan province. The 3ft-wide, 2.5in thick glass walkway is so scary that sightseers are requested to wear cloth slip-ons over their shoes when they cross the skywalk, presumably to make the job easier for the cleaners.

No matter how terrifying the glass skywalk looks, it can only be an improvement from the treacherous road made of wooden planks thousands of feet high on the sides of the Huashan Mountain, located in the south of Huayin city.

[Taken from:–glass-bottomed-walkway-cliff-face.html]


Zhejiangjie 1
Brave enough 🙂
How they build

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