Must Go Places

Precious Light of Chung Tai & Precious Light of Pu Tai and Meditation training

For all of you interested in cultural places, Buddhism and learning about zen and meditation techniques, this Buddhist monastery located in the city of Taichung is a must visit!

Please visit their website  for information about the courses they offer, how to get there, etc.

Don’ t miss out in Taiwan

1. Night Markets; Shilin, Shida, Tonghua, Raohe.

Shida Night Market

2. Sun Moon Lake; Take the 4 hour bike route around the lake and bask in the beauty of one of Taiwan’s largest lake.

3. Taroko Gorge; Hike in some of Taiwan’s largest and most beautiful mountains.

4. Hot Springs; Experience the natural hot springs that are all over Taiwan. There are over 100 hot mineral springs scattered around the island.

5. Alishan; Catch the spectacular Sunrise and hike into the memorable and famous sea of clouds.

Alishan Railway

6. Beaches in the South of Taiwan; Bask in the glory of some of Taiwan’s incredible beaches

Baishawei Beach, Jibei Island, Penghu, Taiwan

7. Penghu Islands; The Hawaii of Taiwan :

Penghu Island, Taiwan

8. Go up Taipei 101; Experience the breathtaking view over Taipei city from one of the world’s tallest buildings

Tourist in Taipei 101 89th Floor Observatory

9. Explore Temples and engage in the culture by having a tea break and listening to the wonderful singing of the monks.

Zhinan Temple, near NCCU

10. Taipei Zoo: East Asia’s largest Zoo

Pandas: Tuantuan and Yuanyuan

11. Try Paragliding; Taiwan’s precipitous terrain and steady winds offer perfect opportunities for hang-gliding and paragliding at all skill levels. Green Bay on the North Shore and the Luye Plateau in Taitung County in the southeast offer inspiring scenery to boot.

12. Green Island; Taiwan’s hotpot for snorkeling and scuba diving

13. Celebrate with the locals at one of Taiwan’s main festivals and celebrations taking place in the capital, and gain an insight into the island’s culture. The Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival are all colorful affairs that really bring the streets to life.

14. Eat out! Taiwan offers many amazing local cuisines all over the Island as well as a wide range of Western foods that can suite any of your appetites needs.

A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Gonguan, Taiwan

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