International Doctoral/Master’s Program in Asia-Pacific Studies (IDAS/IMAS)

UPDATE: November 12, 2017:
The International Master’s (IMAS) and the respective Doctoral Programs (IDAS) in Asia-Pacific Studies at National Chengchi University (NCCU) bring excellence to the study ad teaching of the Asia-Pacific region.


IDAS basically consists of four tracks, including political economy, society and culture, public governance, and international relations. At the same time, there are also a number of research tool and foundation courses, which involve classes on subjects such as research methods, statistical methods, and the Asia-Pacific Regional Development.
Both programs offer a truly interdisciplinary approach and are equipped with faculty staff leading in their fields of expertise.

In the IMAS program on the other hand, most of its classes focus either on Taiwan or China and fall under one of the three disciplinary tracks: socio-cultural studies, cross-strait/ international relations, or political economy.  All classes for both programs are offered in English, and students have quite a lot of flexibility with respect to course selection, allowing them to concentrate on an area they most desire researching. Furthermore, NCCU is one of Asia’s top social sciences universities and offers many opportunities for interacting with renowned scholars and international universities.

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A useful resource for students of IMAS and IDAS as well as for all other interested students is the ASAP Communique. This platform can help you keeping updated on conferences, journals, research, and life in Taiwan in general.

Click HERE for more details about the ASAP Communique.



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