Office of International Cooperation (OIC)

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UPDATE: November 5th, 2017:
The Office of International Cooperation (OIC) basically represents the best friend on campus for every international or exchange student here at NCCU. Apart from being passionate about increasing the quantity and quality of English-taught courses and programs at NCCU, creating an international learning environment, and expanding student and faculty exchange, this office and its dedicated and kind staff members will assist you on your path to your degree in Taiwan or through your exchange semester.

Studying and living in a foreign country can certainly be challenging. Yet, the OIC staff is here to support your transition in multiple ways. First of all, this office can serve as your entity to talk to in case you do have any questions about adjusting or living in Taiwan (that is apart from any program specific questions which should still be handled by your department’s secretary). The Office of International Cooperation also encourages a truly international community on campus by aiming to build a bridge between international and local students through cultural or sporting events, for example. That is, under the guidance of the OIC, various student clubs and associations (such as the International Association, International Youth, and Student Ambassadors) are operating in order to ensure that your time at NCCU will be an awesome one. Activities include an IKEA trip to make sure your new room/apartment is not completely empty after you have just arrived, events targeting cultural exchange, trips to iconic sights in Taiwan such as Soon Moon Lake, and even Student Olympics.

The OIC can be found on the 8th floor of the Administration Building, opening times are from 9am to 5pm (Lunch break from 12pm to 1.30pm). More information on the Office of International Cooperation is also available here. Especially the “latest news” section of the official OIC website should be checked on a regular basis as it represents a vital source for you to know what is happening on campus. Of course, also don’t miss out on the OIC Facebook page


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