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How to get a cell phone?

First you have to know  you don’t have to buy new cellphone. All cellphones  work in Taiwan.  You just need to buy new number.

Choice 1 — Prepaid Cards

*How to apply: 

– Chunghwa Telecom

– Taiwan Mobile & FarEasTone: Go to their store.

*Voice Call Rate and plan: Taiwan Mobile / Chunghwa Telecom

*How to Top-up (Recharge): 

Taiwan Mobile

Chunghwa Telecom (Middle part of the website)


Choice 2 — Sign a Contract

*Contract duration: 2 years or 30 months

*How to apply: Prepare your Passport and ARC for at least 1 year of validation. Go to the companies’ store directly

*Voice Call Rate and plan:

– Taiwan Mobile 3G / 4G  (Scroll down to the latter part)

– Chunghwa Telecom 4G