Visa Applications

There are two types of visa a student may apply for: the Visitor Visa and the Resident Visa. The kind of visa that you’ll need mainly depends on how long your program is. For application requirement inquiries, contact the Taiwan Representative Office or Embassy in your country.

Visitor Visa

If you’re planning to stay in Taiwan for less than 6 months, you can apply for a visitor visa. You may not need to apply for a visitor visa if you’re from a 90-day visa exempt country. More details about visitor visas here.

If you’re planning to stay in Taiwan for more than 3 months, but less than 6 months, you can extend your visitor visa once. To extend your visitor visa, you need to apply for an extension within 15 days before your visa expires. You can extend your visitor visa at the National Immigration Agency. You’ll need to submit a completed application form, your passport with visitor visa, proof of enrolment, and your attendance record. You can read more about visitor visa extension requirements here.

If you intend to stay in Taiwan for longer than six months, you should apply for a Resident Visa and Alien Residence Card (ARC).

Resident Visa

If you’re applying for your Resident Visa before leaving for Taiwan, the requirements may differ depending on where you’re from, so be sure to check the website of your country’s Taiwanese overseas mission for exact details.

If you’re converting your Visitor Visa into a Resident Visa, this is what you’ll need:

  1. Completed Visa Application Form (online link)
  2. Two 2-inch photos taken within the last six months
  3. Passport with at least six months validity (original and one photocopy)
  4. Admission and student ID (original and one photocopy)
  5. Health Certificate for Residence Application issued within the last three months (original and one photocopy)
    –  Must be issued by one of the designated hospitals. For more details, see this list.
    – Health Certificate processing may take 10-20 working days, so be sure to consider that if you’re on a tight schedule.
  6. Other relevant documents (you may be asked to submit proof of financial ability or support).

For visa application fees, please refer to this document (PDF). For more information about Resident Visas, please see the following links:

If you entered Taiwan on a Resident Visa, you must apply for your ARC within 15 days of arrival in Taiwan. The details are provided below.

ARC (Alien Resident Card)

If you intend to stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months, you need to apply for an ARC. The ARC serves as your ID card and proof of resident status in Taiwan. You’ll need to present this every time you leave and enter the the country, so be sure not to lose it.

Once you’ve arrived, apply for your ARC within the first 15 days. It costs 1,000 NTD a year, so they give you the option to apply for a two-year ARC, you’ll have to pay 2,000 NTD.

To apply for the ARC you will need:

  1. Completed Application Form (PDF)
  2. Original Passport and Resident visa (and one copy of each)
  3. 2-inch photo (2 photos for first-time applicants, and 1 photo for ARC extension)
  4. Photocopy of your NCCU student ID with the registration stamp
    – You can apply for this at the Registration Office with your tuition receipt after the registration fees are paid.
  5. Application fee: 1,000 NTD per year

ARC application processing takes about 10 working days. You can opt to pick it up yourself or have it sent to you by post. You can apply for your ARC at the National Immigration Office

Directions to the National Immigration Office


If you live in Taipei:
Address: No. 15, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Directions: Take the MRT to Xiaonanmen Station (小南門站) which is on the Green Line. From there, take Exit 2 and walk to the Immigration Office.

If you live if New Taipei City or somewhere outside Taipei City you need to apply for your ARC in a different immigration office. For further information, call the Immigration Office hotline (0800-024-111), you can also check their website.



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