There are two types of Visa a student may apply for, the Visitor Visa and the Resident Visa.

Visitor Visa

If you hold a valid foreign national passport or other legal travel documents and if you’re planning to stay in Taiwan less than six months you can apply for the visitor visa.  More details HERE

Depending on the country you come from, the expiration date of the visa might be different. The visa is usually valid for 60-90 days.

If you are planning to stay in Taiwan more than 3 months, but less than 6, then please bear in mind that you have to apply for a visa extension or you visitor visa. The school might provide you the required documents for this purpose.

Please take note that the VISITOR VISA can only be extended ONCE!!!

Resident Visa

If you intend to stay in Taiwan more than six months you should apply for an ARC.

If you hold a resident visa, please take note that upon your arrival to Taiwan you have a 15-day period to apply for the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC), which details are provided below.

If you’re planning to stay for more than 6 months and you hold a visitor visa, please take note that you should first apply for a resident visa and then for the ARC. In order to apply for the resident visa you have to provide some medical exams, which might take from 10-20 working days, so take this period into consideration in order to avoid overstaying your visa.

ARC (Alien Resident Card)

If you intend to stay in Taiwan for more than 6 months, you need to apply for an ARC. It is a card that validates you as a legal resident in the country, is valid for 1 year and must be renewed every year. Or you can prove that you will be enrolled in a Taiwanese university for certain period and they will most likely offer you the ARC for the time you have left in Taiwan.

If you hold a resident visa, you need to apply for the ARC within the first 15 days since you arrived. It costs $1,000 NTD per year, so if you are to stay two years and they give you the option to have it for the whole time you will be in Taiwan you will have to pay NTD 2,000.

To apply for the ARC you will need:

1. Passport and 1 copy of it (with the resident visa on it)

2. Two photos (its better if you get instant photos at the office, they require special sizes)

3. Address (if you live off-campus you need to take your contract in original and a copy)

4. Documents from the University proving you’re enrolled in a program (these documents are provided by your University department)

5. $1,000 NTD for a one-year valid ARC

If you live near Muzha area 木柵 (around Zheng Da 政大 -Cheng Chi- University 政治大學), you will need to go to the Immigration Office in Xiaonanmen Station 小南門站 in the light green line. Take exit 2.

If by the end of the year you want to extend your legal stay in the country only for a few days, you need to apply for that 20 days before your ARC expires.

If you live if New Taipei City or somewhere outside Taipei City you need to apply for your ARC in a different immigration office, for further information, call the immigration office hotline (0800 024 111), you can also check their website