Pre-Arrival Tips

Getting to the city/getting around:

  • Prepare a piece of paper with your address (or NCCU’s address) written in Chinese characters in case you need directions.

Money Matters:

  • Before leaving for Taiwan, you might want to get some cash ahead of time. Certain currencies (USD, CNY, EUR, GPB, JPY, HKD) are easier to exchange at banks, so either have some Taiwan Dollars (NTD) on you, or bring currency that’s easier to exchange.
  • Exchange rates at the airport are not the best, so you may want to wait till you get to Taipei to exchange your money. Also, we don’t recommend that you exchange your money at Taipei 101.
  • You might want to bring about 2,000-5,000 NTD with you in case you arrive over the weekend, or on a bank holiday. This should cover transportation, food, and other items that you think you’ll need when you arrive in Taipei.
  • Cash is more commonly used, especially at smaller restaurants and convenience stores, so it may not be convenient to depend on using debit or credit cards.

What to bring:

  • You may want to bring some medication from your home country with you in case you can’t find it in Taiwan.
  • Before bringing prescription medication into Taiwan, be sure to see if you’re allowed to bring them into the country, as certain kinds of medication are considered scheduled/controlled drugs in Taiwan.
  • Also be sure to bring a copy of your prescription from back home.
  • If you prefer tampons over pads, bring enough to last you during your stay in Taiwan. Although you can buy them here, they tend to be pricier.

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