Arriving in Taipei

Prepare a piece of paper with your address in Taipei, which should be written in Chinese Characters in order to show anyone who may be of help such as a taxi driver.

Your best bet is to exchange your currency for NTD (New Taiwanese Dollars) upon arriving at the airport. Please note that exchange rates are less favorable at the airport and so, if possible, it is advisable that at the airport you exchange only what will will be needed before you can visit a bank. An estimated proper amount will be about 2,000NTD (about 70 USD) for transportation, food, etc.; or perhaps more if you arrive over the weekend or otherwise expect a delay before you’re able to visit a bank.

Certain national currencies, including US Dollars, Renminbi, the Euro, British Pounds, Japanese Yen and Hong Kong Dollars, are easier to exchange at banks than other currencies. If your national currency is not among these, it may be preferable to make your full exchange at the airport unless you have previously discovered a location where you can change your national currency. Also, if its avoidable, do not make your currency exchange at Taipei 101 since the rate is also higher there.

Make sure your bills are not scratched or broken since some banks won’t change them if they are not in good conditions. DO NOT BRING BILLS WITH SERIES CG. Apparently this bills series have been forged and some banks just won’t change those. Some other banks will charge 100 NTD commission for changing them.