Taoyuan International Airport, your landing point in Taiwan, is around 40 km away from Taipei.


Transportation from Airport to NCCU, there are three options : By Taxi, Bus and Metro

 By Taxi:    

For around $1,200 NTD for a one-way trip to the campus.

If you have an address to where you would like to go, make sure you print it in Chinese characters and show it to the taxi driver. If you only have the English address or if you are not able to say it right, it can easily be misunderstood and you may end up in Tailand…So, let’s do it!!

Sentences translated:

1.  Hello, I would like to go to NCCU in Muzha and this is the address


(At the NCCU gate, you can also  ask  to NCCU  security guard the location and direction to your dorm, by showing this message in Chinese)

2.  My dorm is number ……., Can you please show me the location of my dorm?


By Public Transportation


There are some buses that leave from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Main Station (台北車站), Taipei’s main public transportation station. From Taipei Main Station you can easily find transportation to go virtually anywhere.


Exit the airport, walk right – right – left and you will see a bus stop.  You can buy a ticket at the register in the waiting room (as seen in the above pictures).

It will cost around 125 NTD, and will drop you off in front of Main Station.

If you are going to NCCU, one convenient route would be to take a bus from the airport to Taipei City Hall MRT Station (市政府車站). Walk to MRT Taipei City Hall Exit 3 and take a G1 bus / BR 18 Bus to NCCU.

From the airport to Taipei – MRT

Once you get to Taipei area, you can take a taxi, a bus or the MRT. At the MRT you can  pay the transportation fee by token or Easy Card, either of which can be bought at every MRT station. All details: cost, how to pay,  etc are HERE.

Once you arrive at the MRT (subway) station, go to the information booth and show any proof that you are or will be a student.  As a proof you can use  your letter of acceptance of the university or the certificate of scholarship. Give them $500 NTD and you will get back an “Easy Card”. This card will allow you to use the public transportation system in Taipei, buses and MRT, at a special rate for students –  20% discount on each trip.

Buses generally end service between 10:00PM and 11:30PM, while MRT service ends at around 12:30 AM. Service does not generally resume until 6:00AM. In case you need transportation during bus and MRT non-service hours, you can take a taxi. Taxis add an additional night charge  of 20NTD starting at 9 or 10pm.