Garbage Disposal and Recycling

If you live off campus, you’ll have to dispose of your own trash yourself. Of course, this depends on your own living arrangements, as some apartment complexes do have on-site garbage disposal facilities so you don’t have to wait for the garbage truck to come by and pick up your trash. Also, you may want to keep separate bins for non-recyclable and recyclable trash.

For non-recyclable trash:
– This includes kitchen waste and other kinds of trash that aren’t recyclable/reusable.
– To dispose of non-recyclable trash, you are required to purchase designated trash bags sold at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

For recyclable trash:
– This includes paper, glass, metal, plastic, etc.
– You don’t need to use the designated garbage bags used for non-recyclable trash. You’re free to use any bag for reusable trash.

Trash Disposal

To dispose of your trash, you’ll need to go outside and wait for the truck to come by. There are different garbage collection points per district, so you might want to figure out which collection point is closest to you. You can find out more about garbage collection points here.

There are usually two pick-up times per day, but this depends on where you live. Pick-up times usually start in the late afternoon or in the evening. The garbage truck except for Wednesday and Sunday. It’s not too hard to miss the truck. If you hear Für Elise playing in the distance, you’ll know that the garbage truck is somewhere nearby. It should sound something like this.

Useful Info


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