Study Lounges and Libraries


Study Lounges

There are several study lounges around campus. We’ve put together a list of some of them, along with a short blurb about each lounge.

  • 4th and 6th Floor of the Commerce Building: This is a spacious study lounge equipped with computers as well as several comfortable sofas and tables. Students of the College of Commerce have access to the lockers upon request (limited to one locker per student).
  • Upper campus Study Lounge: This study lounge is located in the same building as the dining area on upper campus, right by Residential Community Tsu Chiang 9 Dormitory B1. The lounge consists of a warmly lit wooden floor area with sofas, low tables and cushions. It also has a bar where students can make their own tea or coffee for only 8 NTD.


NCCU has a number of libraries, each with different specialties. Each library has study rooms for groups, lounges for studying, and other services. Familiarizing yourself with the resources available here will make studying more efficient and enjoyable.

There are 4 libraries around campus, namely:

NCCU also has one off campus library:

The IIR Library is located at: No. 64, Wanshou Road, Wenshan District. To get there, from the NCCU Main Gate, head towards Jasons Market Place and keep walking up the hill until you see a blue sign and a path going downhill. Go down that path and you should be able to find the IIR Library.

Library Cards

You can borrow books from all the libraries. If you are a full-time student, then your NCCU student ID serves as your library card. If you’d like to borrow books and other materials, but are not a full-time student, you can visit the desk on the first floor of the main library and request a card. To do this, you will need to fill out a form, and most likely need a deposit. You can get the deposit back when you close your account as long as there are no outstanding fines or charges.

Renting Movies

The main library offers a large selection of movies on the first floor, including the latest popular releases. Using your library card, you can borrow any of the movies in the lobby area next to the computer labs, but only to watch in the library at the designated computers. You will find many local students with headphones on enjoying a film, sometimes in pairs.

There are also a number of movies available to watch at home. Go to the small room at the back left corner of the computer lounge area (where everyone is watching their in-library films) and you can check out up to two discs at a time.


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