IA Welcome letter

NCCU IA Welcome letter

In 2009, NCCU international students took the initiative to create for the first time an Association for international students in order to enhance our experience in NCCU and Taiwan. Our international community welcomes students from any country who speaks any language.

The Association aims to create bridges between the University authorities and the local students, close the gaps between the international and local communities, enhance the communication between the students and the school’s faculty and, above all, make our life smoother and more fun while at NCCU.

As a committed organization NCCU IA needs your support and active contribution to achieve our goals.

As a member you will enjoy the services, support and facilities of the Association. You will be part of an important moment in the History of NCCU since this is the first Association created by international students. You will have the opportunity to make lots of friends and meet people from all over the world. Most important of all, the Association provides you a place where you can satisfy your academic and personal needs to make your experience in NCCU and Taiwan more fruitful. As international students we offer our members a place to reconcile the cultural differences that we might encounter in a new environment, as well as other services that might be difficult to access without someone’s help, for example: network of clinics with English speaking staff, location of Chinese Medicine Centers, contact of pharmacies with English speaking staff, housing issues, communication problems with the University authorities, among others.

Among our achievements since the establishment is the creation of NCCU Website which is the first student’s media tool on campus available in English. There you can find interesting articles about living in Taiwan, places all over the world, and also we want to receive the students’ ideas, articles and suggestions to keep the international spirit of our newsletter.

This Association was created from the students to the students, so your participation will keep us going!

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We look forward to welcoming you at NCCU IA!