Constitution – Vision and History

Preamble from the Constitution of the International Association of National Chengchi University (October, 2009)

Constitution of IA here (doc)

We, International Students, Foreign Faculty and Workers in National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan;

Conscious, of the significance of coming together as a united body; cognizant, of the need for socio-economic empowerment and pursuit of knowledge and skills in Taiwan.

Determined, to struggle for academic excellence while attaining and promoting the well being of our communities to the fullest extent of our abilities, and strengthening the already existing relationship between our countries and Taiwan;

Convinced, of the need to build, maintain, and enhance harmony in National Chengchi University and in Taiwanese society in general;

Ultimately guided, by the principles of democracy, human rights, nationalism, and universal civilization in a globalizing world;

In forming and organizing ourselves, as National Chengchi International Association, designed by NCCU International Association;

Do enact and adopt, this constitution as our primary instrument of functioning, governance and reference in matters that are in conformity with the principles of our University, National Chengchi University, the laws of our host country, Taiwan and our respective countries.

In order to serve as a bridge between the growing international community and our host communities, a group of motivated international students under the guidance of Dr. Dira Berman, OIC’s International Counselor, formed NCCU’s International Association in the fall semester of 2009. Join us as we grow in creating a more exciting and meaningful educational environment for all.



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