What We Do

International Association Goals

IA is here to bridge gaps and create a more harmonious environment at the nexus of cultures and communities, to help linking the big NCCU diverse community overcoming communication barriers by sharing common goals and interests.

The following is taken from Section III of our Constitution.

The general goals of NCCU IA shall be:

– To promote unity among students in Taiwan based on common objectives and goals;

– To struggle for the attainment of successful education for all through consultation with authorities and agencies that are of interest to NCCU IA;

– To promote the provision of facilities and the environment for maintenance of academic excellence and researches that are relevant;

– To strive to encourage personal development and enrichment by promoting interpersonal and cross-institutional activities through curricular and extra-curricular activities;

– To defend and protect the rights and privileges of International Students and Foreign Faculty and Workers within the framework of the laws of the host country;

– To be more pro-active in strengthening the already existing ties between our respective governments, their students, faculty and workers and Taiwanese and Taiwan Government;

– To be fully involved in the realization of peace and harmony between International Students, Foreign Faculty and Workers in NCCU;

– To contribute to the struggle for finding solutions to problems related to academia that may be hindering the development of our nations, our personality and character;

– To promote our respective cultures, appreciate the cultures of the host country and the humanistic values and traditions of all people both here in Taiwan and around the world;

– To promote gender equity in all the activities of NCCU IA;

– To actively engage in activities of coalitions among associations here and abroad, and to contribute to the development of cooperation and dialogue among student associations.

If any of these points triggers your attention as a common interest to you, feel free to join by contacting us through our  facebook page , do not hesitate!