About IA


What is NCCU IA?

NCCU International Association is an organization that needs YOUR support, YOUR contribution, and YOUR welcome company to make NCCU a vibrant place for both Taiwanese and foreigners.

Our mission aims to bring together international as well as local faculty, workers and students with the mission of bridging gaps and creating a very harmonious society in NCCU. We strive to empower integration and increase exchanges between the international and domestic communities.

What we have to offer:

Everything you need and everything you want.  This includes, but is not limited to


Hello students from the FALL 2016

Welcome aboard!!!!!

NCCU IA association is organizing the events you need. Ours choices are based on cultural preferences and life on campus experiences. September 12 classes will start, then we will organize our agendas including the following:

Clubs and sports activities- Did you know that NCCU has almost 200 clubs on campus? Around the third week of September, NCCU will offer a fair where you can find the club of your interest. Soon!!
NCCU IA website is an ongoing project. This website tries to picture the real life on campus. Take advantage of ours tips!!

Take a look in Taipei Guide session and read everything about student life in Taipei. It starts with your arrival in Taipei. NCCU survival guide.  A must read!!

NCCU IA board


This is a group of trained of NCCU students with experience in problem solving, knowledge of NCCU resources, as well as familiarity with Taipei city and services. This is who can help you when…” I need to go the hospital but I do not speak English”…..”I lost my credit card”…. “I am lost in the city”… “Where I can find a pharmacy who speaks English?” “I need to improve my English there is someone in the association who can help me?” “I need to create a paper about Russia or Poland…. Who can help me?”…and so on. Do not forget!! This association has many bilingual Taiwanese friends and members.

This is just the beginning!! We are counting on your suggestions, ideas, and participation in our Association. 

Welcome aboard!!  NCCU IA is taking off…