The International Master’s Program in International Studies (IMPIS)

This master’s program primarily surrounds its discussions and research activities on aspects related to International Relations and Politics. While you will be thoroughly equipped with knowledge on IR theories and the International Political Economy, you will not fall short on opportunities to apply the theoretical knowledge gained on actual and practical cases in classes such as “Topics in International Security”. You will even frequently slip into the role of a diplomat in the course on “Strategic Communication & Cultural Diplomacy”, while also being able to question the invited actual diplomats on their experiences in the field.


Other areas covered are international development and international conflict management. You do have the opportunities to dig into development studies and the work of foreign aid organizations, or to set your research interest in the sphere of human rights or democratization instead. Also, while IR theories generally focus on the big picture, IMPIS also offers country/region specific classes on China, Russia, or Southeast Asia; for instance, in order to explore their respective foreign and domestic policies or regional existing problems and cooperations respectively, in greater detail.

Inevitable, as we are located in Taiwan, naturally cross-strait relations certainly represents yet another interesting issue to explore. Thus, it seems like the most difficult aspect for any interested student to decide will be to only pick out a single topic for their respective thesis.


Apart from that, given to its program size (roughly 30 new master’s students per year) and the various cultural backgrounds of its students, IMPIS tends to be one of the most tight-knit and family-like programs in this university. You may not only get to meet classmates from all over the world, but may also expect to make life-long friends on the way to your post-graduate degree.


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The International Master’s Program of Applied Economics and Social Development (IMES)


The IMES program at NCCU represents the very first fully English-taught program in studies of applied economics in Taiwan and enables its students to accurately analyze public policy and social development by means of economic reasoning and statistical methods. Quite similar to other International Master’s Programs at NCCU, IMES offers a number of different disciplinary tracks, namely: Social Security and Welfare, Economic Analysis and Policy Evaluation, and Environment and Resources. While courses such as applied microeconomics and applied macroeconomics; for example, are required for every IMES student.

During your course of study and due to the breadth and flexibility of classes, you are free to focus on aspects such as non-profit organizations, health or environmental economics, or even international finance and trade policies. Your options also range from highly technically-oriented classes in statistics or urban economics to courses with a more political science focus.


Another characteristic of IMES are the various cultural backgrounds present among the program’s student body and the open directive. That is to say, IMES’s directive board is easily approachable and truly open about its students’ suggestions. Thus, allowing you to shape your program in a way that it really facilitates your personal academic needs.

If you are interested in the IMES Program, please click here for further information.

Where to shop in Taipei (malls & night market)

Taiwan is well known for the exciting night markets dotted around the city. But the sheer number of amazing shopping spots can make it challenging to determine exactly where to go for shopping. We have sourced out some of the greatest places that we think you should go in order to find the best shopping spots in Taipei. Read on to learn more!

1. Taipei 101

A Taipei landmark and tourist attraction that is also one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. It dominates the skyline and also provides shoppers with a convenient place to shop to their hearts’ content.

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Inside are many of the world’s top luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. For eating, the food courts downstairs have some excellent grub on offer, and the Starbucks on the 35th floor offers some amazing views of the city below.

How to get to 101 Taipei from NCCU:   Take bus Green 1, Brown 18

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Cinema in Taipei

Cinema is a popular leisure activity in Taiwan, and there are many movie theaters in Taipei showing recent, international movies. Most films are shown in their original language with Chinese subtitles, and in some cases with English subtitles as well. Children’s films, however, are generally dubbed into Chinese.

Image result for 誠品電影院

Some of the main cinemas in Taipei can be found below. Tickets can be booked through the websites of the individual cinemas (Most of the cinema website in Chinese).

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Cinema Houses in Taipei


Taipei Theaters
Ambassador Teatre 88, ChenDu Rd. (02) 2361-1223
Ambassador Theatres@Breeze Center 39, FuXing S. Rd, Sec. 1, 7F. (02) 8772-1234
Ambassador Theatres@Global Mall 122, ZhongShan Rd, Sec. 3, 4F, Taipei County (02) 2226-8088
Broadway Cineples 200, Roosevelt Rd, Sec. 4, 4F. (02) 8663-6128
Governor Cinemas 219, ChangAn E. Rd, Sec. 2, 5F-1. (02) 2741-5991, ext. 21
in89 Digital Cinema 89, WuChang St, Sec. 2 (02) 2331-5077
Shin Kong Cineplex 36, XiNing (HsiNing) S. Rd, 4-5F (02) 2314-6668
LUX Cinema 85, WuChang St, Sec. 2, 2F (02) 2311-8628
Wonderfor Theatre 116, HanZhong (HanChung) St, 7F. (02) 2331-2270
Cinema 7 52, HanZhong (HanChung) St, 8-11F. (02) 2381-1339
Showtime Cinemas 247, LinSen N. Rd. (02) 2537-1889
Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Hsin Yi 20, SongShou Rd. (02) 8780-5566
Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Sun 87, WuChang St, Sec. 2 (02) 2331-5256
Vie Show Cinemas Taipei Q Square 209, Civil Blvd, Sec. 1, 5F (02) 2552-5511
CINEPLAZA 3, Lane 136, Roosevelt Rd. Sec. 4 (02) 2367-8999