Essential Tips for Finding Off-Campus Housing

The following information have been researched and compiled by local and international volunteers (Sophia, Cassidy, Yolanda, and Chris) in order to help international students with finding their own home away from home in Taipei.

Recommended Areas to Seek For Your Own Cozy Off-Campus Place:

This map should be relatively familiar to you, in case you have already made your very first few steps around the city:
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Most students at NCCU prefer to live in neighborhoods located in close proximity to our school, or at least in close reach when commuting via MRT. Thus, many recommend to live in areas along the brown line. To be more precise, this would specifically include the MRT stations starting from Taipei Zoo Station all the way to Wanfang Hospital.
It takes around 30 minutes from NCCU to get to Taipei City Hall, and approximately 40 minutes to go to Gongguan. We suggest therefore that you do not live any farther away than those two indicated stations (consider them as the maximum outskirts of the advised area) in order to be able to commute back and forth NCCU and your home without a hassle.

An important factor to keep in mind when looking for your own apartment/room is also that the rent will actually increase the closer your place is to one of the MRT stations. Hence, it may be advisable to accept a 5 to 10 minutes walk to the nearest MRT station and thereby saving a couple of 100ntds per month. 

district map
Our school is located in Wenshan District. Be aware that although the different districts might look quite close to one another on the map, it actually takes a relatively long time to get to other parts of Taipei. We would for this very reason suggest that you make Wenshan District your prioritized area for your house-hunting
Besides, the districts located in the heart of Taipei, such as Xinyi District, Daan District, and even some places in Zhongzheng District, will ask for much higher rents than commonly found in Wenshan. This is, among other things, due to the fact that they are considered business areas.

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As indicated above, even within Wenshan District rent prices can vary quite greatly. Chances of striking a good apartment deal in the indicated green and yellow areas above are thus much higher than in the area marked in red.

Useful Sources and Rental Websites for Long-Term and Short-Term Housing:

It is certainly not impossible to find different kinds of apartments or housing styles in Taipei without having a thorough command of the Chinese language. The following 6 rental websites represent some of the international-friendly pages available:

1) Tealit
2) Hostelworld
3) Intaipeiapartments
4) Mangoroc
5) Rentaltw
6. Tsuei Ma-Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Services

7) Apart from that, the Borderless House website offers interested students the wonderful opportunity to live in international houses in between local Taiwanese and people from all over the world.

8) Alternatively, you also always have the choice to join multiple of the various apartment rental groups on Facebook and to try your luck there. Some of the more popular ones are; for instance:
Taipei Taiwan Apartment Rentals: 
– Looking for Roommates or Apartments in Taipei and Taiwan:

Short-Term Housing:

In case you prefer searching for places to stay while already being in Taiwan, you may require a temporary accommodation until you have found the apartment of your dreams (rather than the one of your darkest nightmares). While there aren’t many short-term housing facilities around campus, In-Stone Motel offers decent quality rooms for fair prices:
9) In-Stone Motel:
Address: No. 15, Section 2, Xiuming Road, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116
Phone: 02 8661 7070

Sample Residential Lease Agreement:

The very last step of your journey is of course signing the residential lease agreement. This is usually a standard form which will be adopted (aside from minor adjustments) by almost every landlord in Taiwan. We did noticed that many landlords will not (be able to) provide you with an English version of the agreement (most likely due to the existing language barrier). While it is essential that you have a local person of your trust reading through the agreement prior to signing it, the following link directs you to a translated version of the most commonly used residential leasing agreement in Taiwan.

Further Assistance:

In case you do need any further assistance, please refer to the facilities offered to you on NCCU Campus. The NCCU Student Housing Section located on the 3rd floor of the Administration Building will be willing to help you.



NCCU I-House

NCCU I-House Entrance

I-House is a housing center that caters to international students and visiting scholars. It is located in a very convenient area near NCCU. There is a total of 65 single suites, 30 double suites, conference facilities, and a café on the ground floor. Each room comes equipped with high-speed fiber internet and a telephone line, providing convenient communication for all residents.

At I-House, you get to enjoy a wide variety of recreational facilities and social events. In addition to this, it is run by a hotel-management team that offers 24-hour front-desk service.

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I-House Contact Info

Address: No.17, Ln.112, Sec. 2, Xiuming Rd., Wenshan Dist., Taipei
Tel: 886-2-29368869    Fax: 886-2-29367769

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Campus Accommodations & Dorms

Living on campus is mostly reserved for degree-seeking or exchange program students. Students that come to NCCU for Chinese language courses have limited numbers of dormitory rooms arranged for them, so they may need to find off-campus accommodations. For more information, please contact Chinese Language Center at

Also, if you’ll be living on campus, get yourself familiar with the dorm regulations. Violation of rules can result in being removed from the dorm immediately.
Download: NCCU Residence Hall Counseling and Management Policies (docx).

For information about off-campus housing, click here.

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Off-Campus Housing

How to find a place to stay if you aren’t in Taipei yet:

If you don’t know anyone in Taipei who can help you find accommodation, we recommend that you book a hotel or hostel for the first 2-3 weeks of your stay. Once you get to Taipei, we can provide you with the info and assistance you need to find housing in Taipei.

See this post for information about campus accommodation and dorms. You can also read this post if you’re interested in staying at NCCU’s I-House.

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