Free Mandarin Tutoring Class – Campus Caring Group

UPDATED: November 16, 2017:
Do you want to improve your Chinese language skills, but you do not have loads of money to spend on a private Chinese tutor? Are you also interested in learning more about Taiwanese culture? If so, then the NCCU Campus Caring Group might be exactly what you are looking for. Join their regular group meetings, enjoy having a lively chat, and come to their free mandarin tutoring sessions on the Second Floor of the Administration Building (Room 160213).

A regular tutoring session will last between 1,5 and 2 hours, usually consists of one to three international students and a tutor, and is customized to the students’ Chinese proficiency levels. Apart from teaching you Chinese, the tutors (the spouses of NCCU faculty members) may also serve as advisers or “motherly figures”. You may discuss cross-cultural issues that you have encountered with them or seek their support with questions regarding living in Taiwan in general.


Please note that the tutoring sessions will only be provided to degree students. Exchange students, due to their limited time at NCCU, are usually not taken into consideration.  If you are interested in joining the Campus Caring Group or would like to get more information, you are advised to contact them via email first before stopping by the office (see poster for contact information below). That is, since there is not always someone available in the office to discuss matters with you at all times. Hence, making an appointment is preferred.

Also, students may ideally register for the Chinese tutoring sessions by the beginning of each semester (or by the start of the summer and winter break, respectively). That is, since the group’s capacity is limited (in terms of space and number of available tutors).


However, if there is currently no vacancy available, you can always sign up on the waiting list and still feel free to join the other events and workshops hosted by the group throughout the semester. Information regarding these events can regularly be found on various bulletin boards on campus (the bulletin boards located at the Chinese Learning Center, the one at the campus side gate near the MCD, and the one in the Administration Building). For contact information, please refer to the following poster below.

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