Hassle-free Guide to Receiving Your Beloved Packages and Letters

As a new student in Taiwan, you may be unsure of which address to use to make sure that your parcels or letters actually get to you.

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pexels-photo-211290If you reside at one of the NCCU dorms

Depending on the sender’s preferences (and language abilities), the two following ways of addressing your letters and packages may be used. If possible, it is ideal to remind the sender to include both the English AND Chinese address on the form, just to be safe. The format for writing the address is shown below:

NCCU’s address in English:

No. 64, Sec. 2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan (R.O.C.),
Your Name
Your Room Number (for example, A106), Your Dorm Name
(for instance, ZiQiang Dorm 1), National Chengchi University.

NCCU’s address in Chinese:

11605 台灣台北市文山區指南路二段64號, _________(Dorm Building name, e.g.:
自強1舍), __________ (Room number, e.g.:A106號) and your name.

When you use the dorm address for unregistered postal mail and normal envelopes, they will automatically be delivered to the pigeon holes located in the common areas of each dorm.

For bulky parcels that don’t fit inside your individual pigeon hole, the package will be delivered either to the dorm’s janitor/dormitory service office, or to the NCCU main gate office.

Please keep in mind that regardless of size, a registered package will always have to be picked up at the NCCU main gate office down the mountain.

If you reside at NCCU I-House

Address in English:

Your Name
Room #, No.17, Ln. 112, Sec. 2, Xiuming Rd., Wenshan Dist.,
Taipei City 116, Taiwan (R.O.C).

Address in Chinese:

台北市文山區秀明路2段112巷17號 (房間號碼/Room Number)

If you use the office of your department/program to receive your mail:

Before sending any mail to your department’s office, be sure to ask your department’s secretary if the office is willing to handle parcels and letters for students.

Address in English:

Office Room #, Building Name, No.64, Zhi-Nan Road, Sec. 2 Taipei 11605, Taiwan

Address in Chinese:

台灣台北市文山區指南路二段64號 (大樓名稱及辦公室號碼/Office Room # and Building Name )

If you reside off-campus

Use the full address of your residency.

For unregistered mail and parcels: you can collect them in your mailbox.

For registered mail and parcels: 

If your apartment building has a security guard, he/she will usually collect the letter or parcel for you. Check back with him/her if you’ve received any mail.

If you don’t have a security guard at your apartment complex, or if you’ve missed the delivery twice, the Post Office will issue a notification that shows when and where (usually a Post Office branch nearby) you can pick up your delivery within 15 days. Be sure to bring your ID for verification purposes.

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