Emergency Info

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the following:

Police Assistance: 110
Fire and Ambulance Emergency: 119
Fraud Hotline: 165
Domestic violence or sexual assault: 113
24-Hour Information Hotline for Foreigners (toll-free): 0800-024-111
Foreign Affairs Police Service Taipei: (02) 2556-6007
See this page for the full list of Foreign Affairs Police units around Taipei.

Off-hours Campus Emergency*: (02) 2939-3091
* Strictly for emergencies only
Campus Security: (02) 2938-7129
Military Education Office (24-Hour Operation): 0919-099-119
NCCU Health Center: (02) 8237-7424
Opening Hours: 2:00-4:30PM; 5:30-8.30PM
Office of International Cooperation (OIC)(02) 2939-3091 ext. 62566