Garbage Disposal & Recycling

When you live in flat (no in dorm),  then you may have trash removal by yourself.  Garbage must be separated and recycling. So, you need to divide trash to few different bags ex. for plastic, paper, food.

For non-recycling stuff – you need special tax stamped bags in Taipei City, which are sold at most supermarkets and convenience stores.

For recycling stuff (paper, etc.) – does not need to use any special bag. You can use any bag.

If you need to take out your own trash, you need to go on the street and put  everything to the garbage truck. There are typically two pick-up times per day (depend on your location) when garbage truck coming to pick up the trash.

The garbage truck is coming everyday, except for Wednesday and Sunday when there is no pick up. Listen for the musical garbage truck, it should come at the same times every day. If you listen that (Für Elise) electronic version – it means that garbage truck is coming.

For up to date information, recycling schedules, and more details go HERE