Medical – Wang Fang hospital

How to make medical appointment in English at Wanfang Hospital  (MuZha)

WaFang Hospital (the closest hospital from NCCU)

No. 111, Sec. 3 XingLong Road, MuZha District, Taipei

Tel. (02) 2930 – 7930

Health-care in Taiwan is of good quality. Hospitals work quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to wait too long to see a doctor. Many doctors have been educated in the West, mostly in USA and so often speak English. Most nurses also speak some English, especially those who working at medical centers and large hospitals.

As an international student in Taiwan you automatically qualify for national health insurance- NHL. However, this coverage does not start immediately after you arrived to Taiwan. You can apply for it after 6 months. In order for it to begin you must have your Alien Residence Card (ARC).

All NCCU international students are required to join the Students’ Safety Insurance Program (or Accidental Insurance Program if you are a  Mandarin Studies Program student). The insurance premium will be included in your registration fee.  More details HERE

If you have a medical emergency, dial 1-1-9 to reach emergency services in Taiwan.

Wang Fang Hospital is the nearest major hospital around NCCU. It carries all specialization in Chinese and Western medicine. If you have the insurance card, you still need to pay registration fee, doctor’s compensation and copayment. But it is still very affordable. The medication is very inexpensive.  If you do not have an insurance card, you also can use the medical services in Taiwan. It is still very affordable.  


You can go to Wan Fang hospital by bus 236 0r 530. It will take around 20 min. You can take a taxi from school and pay 150 NTD approx. 

Instructions of making doctor appointments.


IMPORTANT: The websites is in Chinese, but on the left side you  will find “on-line instruction” in English. Below is the instructions of making doctor appointments. It’s quite easy actually, and all in English. Then you and other students can make appointments by themselves, without  waiting for help. If you need help, please drop at International Counselor Office-Administration Building #3 rd floor and someone will help you to make an appointment.
Wanfang Hospital Homepage:
  1. Click on ” On-line Registration” on the left column (blue font)
  2. Read “clinic schedule” and go to the list of clinic specialization below
  3. Mark the Doctor Specialization you need and click button “SEND” below the schedule (lower corner)
  4. Please choose the date for medical examination 
  5. Click button “SEND” on the right side 
  6. Click on the doctor’s name on the day you want to make the visit
  7. Enter your ID
  8. Registration complete !!

If it is you first time in Wanfang Hospital , you will need go to the counter in the lobby on left side. Take a number, stay in the line and fill short application. The application is written in English. If you have any problem, the volunteers at Wanfang hospital will help you, or you can go to the International Office located at the left of the main gate.

How to cancel an appointment

1. Go to the main page of the Wanfang Hospital in Chinese and click on 取消掛號” (Cancel registration). You will find this section located on the left side of the main page.

2. Fill in your Resident Permit (ARC) number or your hospital chart number and click 送出” (send)