TAITRA career, training and fair

TAITRA is looking for foreigners who are interested in working with Taiwanese companies.

Only for people who can work or intern-ship.

Within its objectives, NCCU IA has developed an agreement with TAITRA (the Taiwan External Trade Development Council), in order to help the institution in its search for qualified international employees.

Please look at the list of Taiwanese companies that need international employees HERE

If you are interested in contacting any of these companies through TAITRA,  please fill out and attach your photo to the Curriculum – Vitae Form.

CV sample is HERE (Chinese and English)

Please send this CV  include a names of companies which you interested in to:

  • match@taitra.org.tw or
  • sofialu@taitra.org.tw  – Ms. Sofia Lu. She is the main coordinator of this project. She will direct the resume to country managers who will then forward them to those whom might be interested.

Please consider the CV Sample as a reference for the elaboration of your CV. The resume format is a standard.  TAITRA would like each candidate to use it. However, additional information is welcome and should be attached after the resume (in the same electronic file/soft copy).

If you need more details about how to fill out the Sample, please view the information HERE. On this website are categories of products and services available in Taiwan.

For any further information, please contact ia.nccu@gmail.com