Medical – NCCU Clinic & Mental Health Service

NCCU CLINIC – Taipei City Hospital

If you (International students) are sick you can find medical help here.  This clinic is located behind Post Office, in front of Main Gate of NCCU. Is managed by Taipei City Hospital Ren-ai Hospital (仁愛醫院)

The prices are around 600 NTD if you don’t have a NHI (National Health Insurance) card. If you have the NHI card, it will be around 200 NTD

Work hours
Registration 8:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30, 17:00-18:30
Clinic hours 9:00-11:30, 14:00-16:30, 17:30-18:30
Address:117 Zhinan Rd Sec. 2, Taipei

Tel:   823-77-441 ;  823 -77-444

Doctor Duty Roster

                       9:00 – 11:30            14:00 – 16:30                        18:00 – 20:30

Monday           Dr. Chen (M,P)           Dr. Chen (M,P)

Tuesday                                        Dr. Wu(M)/Dr. Wen(Derm)        Dr. Wu(M)

Wednesday      Dr. Wu(M)                Dr. Wu(M)/Dr.Lin(ENT)

Thursday                                        Dr. Wu(M)                            Dr. Wu(M)

Friday             Dr. Wu(M)                  Dr. Wu(M)/ Dr. Hsu(GS)

Saturday        Dr. Wu(M)

Mental Health and Counseling for NCCU Students in English

The team is committed to caring for the psychological concerns of undergraduate, graduate, faculty and employees. Care is provided by mental health professionals – psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and clinical social workers.

Dr. Tang (湯華盛醫師 ) , MD Psychiatrist

Location:NCCU Clinic (Right in front of Main gate next to the post-office 1 floor)

Hours:14:00 – 16:30(Tuesday)


Tel: (02)8237-7441

Dira  Berman , International Counseling office,

Location: Administration Building , 3rd floor


Tel: 09 1083 4400 – 24 hours.

Annie Yang, Counselor- appointment by email.

Counseling Center — Mental health Profession on the premise

Location : Right in front of Main gate next to the post-office 3 floor

Hours:  Monday-Friday , 9:00-12:00  13:00-17:00

Tel:  (02)8237-7415, (02)8237-7416

Steps to see a doctor:

1.      Bring your Student ID and NHL Card (only if you have NHL insurgence)

2.      Go to the clinic

3.      Once you walk in you will be in waiting room/reception desk area.

4.      You need to take your number from a machine on the left and wait for your turn.

5.      If you are NOT registered in this clinic you need to fill in an application form.

6. xxOnce you have filled in the form you can make an appointment with the doctor. You will find the schedule below.

7. xxOnce you have made the appointment, you will be given a number. Wait in the waiting room until your number appears on the screen.

8.      Go to the room of your assigned doctor, the nurse may measure body temperature if necessary, followed by the doctor’s examination and diagnosis.

9.      After seeing the doctor go to the pharmacy/registration counter which is opposite the doctors’ rooms, he will give you a Prescription Order Form.

10.xxHand in your prescription and take the medication. Make sure to come back after one week ,to check test results or follow up in your condition.

In order to follow the payment procedure, you will need to take another number from the machine and hand over your National Health Insurance Card or other Medicaid card.

How to Pay ?

1.      If you HAVE National Health Insurance ( NHI CARD). You pay a cheaper price for the medicine and the visit, it is cheaper and more convenient.

2.      If you DO NOT have National Health Insurance (NHL CARD) – just show your student ID. In this case, you need to pay for the visit (ex. family medicine doctor 400 NT) .

You can apply for National Health Insurance after 6 months stay in Taiwan. More information about NHI HERE .

NCCU doesn’t provide any health insurance offered by private companies.  That’s why we highly recommended you to buy a health insurance which will cover your first 6 months in Taiwan.


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