Sports Facilities

Updated on April 10, 2014

Sports facilities at NCCU

Swimming pool, Gym (2), Flywheel classroom, Running track, Basketball courts, Baseball field, Tennis courts, Soccer field, Rock climbing wall.

Swimming pool

Swimming pool

NCCU has a big Olympic sized swimming pool, which is nice and clean. You will have to wear tight swimming clothes and a hat to cover up your hair! You might feel ridiculous in the beginning but since everyone does it, you get used to it! There’s further nice and clean dressing rooms with great showers so it is all very well organized! There are tiny small lockers (pant 10nt$) for your stuff.

  1. Single use tickets cost NTD 40, you can buy a monthly pass for NTD 250 or a semestral pass for NTD 1,000.
  2. For the long-term permit, please bring your student ID to the swimming pool service counter to get a payment bill. Pay the bill at the counter of office of general affair in administration building / 5F and then bring the receipt with two 1” photos back to the swimming pool service counter, and then you could get your permit.
  3. Operating hours: 6 AM to 10 PM from Mondays to Saturdays; 6 AM to 6 PM for Sundays and National Holidays.(P.s On the first Monday of every month, the operating hours will be 12 AM to 10 PM due to the maintenance)
  4. The Swimming Pool is closed on: Spring Break (early April), Tomb Sweeping Day (April 5), Dragon Boat Festival (May 5 in Lunar calendar), and Moon Festival (August 15 in Lunar calendar).

The gyms

There are basically 2 gyms at NCCU. One is free of charge and for the other you have to pay a small fee.

 Gym 1 (basement of  the Stadium):

Gym 1

This gym is located at basement of the stadium. (Twin towers side) It is free of charge but it is quite small and the machines are old. There are heavier weights available than in the other gym by the Swimming Hall. Usually there is quite lot of space but it might be a bit crowded after 6pm in the evening. This means a bit of waiting if you want to do some particular exercises. This gym is closed on the weekends. Also, there are shelves for your equipment.

Gym 2 & Flywheel classroom(2nd floor of the Swimming Pool):


 No single use ticket, annual pass for only NTD 400.

  1. Application: please bring your student ID to the swimming pool service counter to get a payment bill. Pay the bill at the counter of office of general affair in administration building / 5F and then bring the receipt and your access card back to the swimming pool service counter, and you will be able to get into the gym and the flywheel classroom with your access card.
  2. Operating hours: 8 AM to 9:30 PM from Mondays to Saturdays; 8 AM to 5:30 PM on Sundays.

This gym is located on the 2nd floor of the swimming pool. You have to buy at least a year contract but even this is cheap. This gym is also fairly small, but it has more options on regards to the machines, it has 6 treadmills and about 4 bicycles. The rest is filled with weight exercises, but the free weight area is fairly limited with only 2 benches, 1 smith machine and weights not going above 45 kg. discs, although,  there is more than enough equipment to stay fit while distressing!

To pay your fees for both the swimming pool and the gym, you will need to get to  the Swimming Hall’s front desk counter and get a form, then pay your fee at the nearest post office (in front of NCCU’s main gate) and return your receipt with two photos.

Running track


There is a 400m running track around the soccer field in front of the gymnasium. The surface is  suitable for running but a bit slippery when is wet.

Basketball courts

There are 4 courts up the hill near the dorm number 9 (school bus no. 2 goes up to that dorm) There are usually free if there isn’t any big game or any kind of tournament. There is no illumination at the moment, so it is a bit hard to play after sunset. Behind the gym and twin towers there are 3 additional courts with illumination that you can also enjoy. There are as well off the campus and along the river with proper illumination, but those are often occupied after sunset but as well free to public use.

Baseball field

There is one baseball court behind the prison gym that is as well free to be used.

Tennis courts

Single use ticket: NTD 200. Annual pass: NTD 600.

Application: please bring your student ID and one 1” photo to the Physical Education Office in front of the running court.

Soccer field


There is a good soccer court with grass pitch in front of the gymnasium. Usually it is closed for public use in order to maintain the best condition of the grass pitch. However, there are times that you can use it and if you want to gather a group to play with, you can ask the OIP if they can help you in keeping the court open for a certain time. You can clearly see when it is closed; there are red stands in the middle of the field.

Rock climbing walls


There are 2 different walls on the side of the gymnasium, which are about 12 metres in height, you need to join the Rock climbing club in order to be able to use them; Physical Education Office assistants can give you all the accurate information about it.

Student sport associations

There are many student sport associations at NCCU. The only thing is that there’s hardly any foreign student joining these associations, but it is possible! Especially at night, you will see many groups of local students gathering together around campus dancing, singing, playing ball sports, practicing taekwondo, Kung Fu, or Tai Chi and more. There are many sports groups at NCCU and if you would like to join any of them, feel free to ask them about it, they’ll be glad to have a foreigner interested in their sport group. Probably you have to pay a small fee and then you can join them for the semester, as it is an association. It’s of course fun and you will get to know the locals a lot more!